2023: PDP must change name to win APC- Okupe

Why the PDP must change its name

Apc controls 21 states and Pdp controls 14. PDP in its present state and form cannot win comfortably the Presidential elections in 2023.
To defeat the Apc structure in 2023, the present Pdp must make itself the arrow head of a national movement to oust the present administration. This is exactly what the component factions of the Apc did in 2014.

If we engage the apc in a straight political duel, wt 21 state govs against 14 combined wt the possible reckless use of the power of incumbency, victory becomes a pipe dream.

It is the residual power of the populace and the electorates when massively mobilised 
and unleashed that can bring overwhelming victory that will render power of incumbency and superior executive state control irrelevant.
Pdp wt its socio political baggages and insurmountable moral burden cannot muster the moral rectitude, political strength and integrity to lead such a mass movement.

A new party, birthed by pdp, wt new people, younger elements in society and politicians of other tendencies from various existing political parties including powerful but dissatisfied elements from the ruling party, is the only formation that will effectively neutralise and overrun the incumbent party.

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