It is a shame to that youthful that chooses to become a chump and asks questions that further confirm their chronic foolery; this is when one starts looking for modicums of achievements where you already have it palpably in abundance and scattered here and there. This is the case of Comrade SKE Udeh-Okoye, when ingrates say that he is not performing.

No doubt, Comrade Okoye is a man who does not like blowing trumpet of his achievements; he performs and allows people to see and judge for themselves. But this very modest leadership culture of Okoye has long been misconstrued by his traducers and other treacherous elements.

We are not surprised of these antics and all other appurtenant shenanigans especially as they abound naturally in all politics but, we will just have to get the record straight.
To start with, Comrade Okoye is not the usual politician whose background practically stems futilely from piece of nothing. Okoye, by sheer determination and hard work, was able to face and surmount the pandemics of the hydra headed vicissitudes and blockades of life, so early in his teenage years and has become successful.

Okoye before becoming a politician has been an effective Nigerian businessman and a commercial farmer in the states of the Niger Delta and Enugu state. This simply explains why he is not pressured over chasing money, crumbs and peanuts along the line of politics.

Udeh-Okoye on venturing into politics became a two-term legislator at age 32 in Enugu State House of Assembly from 2011 to 2018, where he served as Majority Leader, and again as Chairman, House Committee on Works, Lands, Housing and Urban Development. Becoming a state legislator is not a mere political appointment. You will have to win elections. In Nigeria, it is not a child’s play. Do you now see the reasons to respect Udeh-Okoye?

I know many youths who are still struggling to become councilors and state assembly members in their forties (40s); there is hope, but we must leave negative comments and unfounded claims in our social media life and face politics squarely.

Social media is just an enabler; it helps to change things, no doubt. But, we must learn more on how to use it.

Udeh-Okoye on becoming the PDP National Youth Leader and a member of the National Working Committee(NWC) on December 2017, he discovered the pothole in the PDP constitution as captured in section 35(1) as “There shall be a National Chairman who shall be the Chief Executive of the party, and his functions shall be to promote and defend the integrity, policies and programmes of the party and make pronouncements for and on behalf of the National Executive Committee(NEC)”

The above section and other sections in the PDP constitution have made the National Youth Leader and other Officers to constantly depend on the National Chairman and the NWC for approvals and support to carry out programmes and activities for the youths.

Irrespective of all these encumbrances, Comrade Udeh-Okoye has creatively carried out the below programmes, rallies, summits and conferences:

PDP National Youth Leader opened lines of communication with National Democratic Institute (NDI), Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), International Republican Institute (IRI) and other international democratic foundations that are focused on youth participation in politics and governance. This relationship has led to series of visitations to workshops and conferences organized by these organizations.

The PDP National Youth Leader has instituted a PDP Youth in Governance Assessment Team made up of social media influencers, trendsetters, and others to monitor, evaluate, and publish Youth participation in governance under the platform of the PDP.

During the Ondo and Edo State gubernatorial elections, the PDP National Youth Leader was on ground to mope up the support of the youth for the party.

Practically every day, social media influencers discuss the role of the youth on the PDP platforms. On Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, 200 different PDP Youth Wing WhatsApp Platforms, there are live stream activities where the youth leader speaks to young persons on topical issues.

The National Youth leader was very vocal during the #EndSars agitation. Okoye has raised an ongoing discourse on youth in governance. Okoye regularly communicates with the undecided Nigerian youths via social media for them to find political shelter and expression in the PDP.

During the run-up to the 2019 elections, he raised petitions to foreign embassies and consulates and visited same, with large entourage of youth participants, to speak on the tyranny of the APC government. Diplomatic Missions in Abuja like the US Embassy, UK Consulate, French Embassy, and the German Embassy Nigeria were all petitioned.

This coincided with his regular duties to mobilize Nigerian youth for PDP during rallies and other political engagements, including to National Assembly and to Courts. It always starts from legacy House, Maitama, Abuja.

Comrade Okoye encourages the different strata of the youth structure (i.e. Zonal, State, and LGA) to be effective and proactive. And has since organized different youth summits and conferences to empower youth leaders.

He organized PDP Youth Summit South East Edition, held in Anambra state, where the youth agreed to form stronger synergy and work to build PDP.

He also organized another PDP Youth Summit North East Edition, where the youth also resolved to strongly support and work with the PDP in the Presidential, governorship, federal, and state legislative elections in 2023.

He called for greater participation of the North East youths in all processes leading to the nomination of a PDP Presidential candidate in the 2023 election.

He urged the PDP to commence a massive online registration for the youths that are eager to carry the PDP cards as registered members of the party ahead of 2023 elections.

He equally organized a two-day Conference of PDP National, Zonal, and State Youth Leaders at Bon Elvis Hotel in Abuja, in partnership with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the International Republican Institute (IRI), the conference, after an extensive deliberation parts of the communique reads that the youths:

Lament the escalated insecurity; terrorism, banditry, kidnapping and violence under the APC administration and the manifest failure of the APC government to take decisive action to secure the nation.

Bemoan the rising unemployment, poverty, economic depression and infrastructural decay bedeviling and wasting of youthful talents in the country due to the corruption in the APC administration and its inability to effectively harness the abundant natural and human resources to create wealth and provide employment opportunities for our teeming youths.

Rejects the relegation of the youth by the APC administration on governance, policy making and implementation.

Embarked on massive sensitization, orientation, and mobilization campaign of Nigerians youths across board, (National, Zonal, State, Senatorial, Local Government, and wards), under the banner of the PDP as the credible platform to harness the productive energies of the youth to rescue our nation from misrule and save her from collapse.

Established PDP Youth Action Plan Committees at all levels of the youth directorate; National, Zonal, States, LGA, and Wards.

Established engagement platform for massive mobilization of youths in educational institutions, trade unions, community-based organizations and pressure groups across the country.

Supported the proposed amendment of the Constitution and Manifesto of the PDP to among other things;

Achieved a 35% affirmative action for female youths in the PDP. Created PDP membership e-registration for young persons of voting age, under the Directorate of youth.

Appointed elected youth leaders (from the national to the ward) as chairpersons of youth mobilization committees of the PDP election Campaign Organizations during elections.

The waiver of nomination fees for youths from the age of 35 and below vying for elective positions under the PDP platform.

Resolved to continue partnering with the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the International Republican Institute (IRI) in implementing PDP Youth Action Plan and activities.

The communique was duly signed on the 23/03/2021 by the elected youth leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

From the above, it is sickening that some misplaced rash audience will come to social media to showcase their emptiness by asking what the National Youth Leader is doing. Please let them research more and they will see more.

Comrade SKE Udeh-Okoye is a great man and an achiever. Our youths should take note, while we thank the energetic comrades for their jobs so far to chase away impunity and corruption from PDP.

Greatest Nigerian youths, young men and young women. A vibrant PDP is possible.

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Headline News365 Administrator
For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
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