The alleged sexual scandal that was flying the social media spaces recently between Uyo Local Government Chairman Elder. Imoh Okon and a certain Mr. Emmanuel Effiong who accused the Council boss of having carnal knowledge of his wife.

While political naysayers and surface writers have chosen to dwell on hearsays, I personally underwent an indepth investigation on the issue which has now become of concern to the families of those involved, friends and Uyo Local Government Area as a whole.

The conclusive facts behind the trending story is that The said Emmanuel Effiong talked his wife Veronica, into putting up a defaming story that Elder Imoh Okon had an affair with her, to enable him use that as an avenue to extort money from the Chairman.

His wife who knew the consequence of this action declined even when she was physically and verbally abused by her husband to oblige until it exacerbated to a point the husband almost strangled her to death.

She escaped this grip from her husband and made her way to the State Police Command, Ikot Akpan Abia, where she gave her report on assault and threat to life with a written statement in the police station.

On getting her statement, the Police invited the Uyo Council Chairman who was unaware of the development but because his name came in from the ladies statement. Coupled with Elder. Imoh Okon status as a public servant it was now necessary for the Chairman to be invited for the case and in his statement, stressed that he was alien to the information reported by the woman and left.

With this development, the case became a matter between the Police and Emmanuel Effiong.However, political naysayers have misled the public with a myriad of wrong information and accusation on the person of Elder. Imoh Okon.

They are alleging that the Chairman has paid people to speak and write in his favour whereas, they are the ones who have been paid to malign the name and reputation of Uyo Council Boss which is not necessary.

Others are alleging that Emmanuel Effiong was forced to write an apology letter to the Chairman. It should be noted that journalists were with Mr. Effiong at the station when he wrote and signed the said apology letter in the presence of his Lawyer and Church member, Barr Ime; could they have all been paid not to mention that the man was forced to write?

When he was asked to tender as evidence what he has against the Chairman, the man had nothing to say or tender. He was not forced to sign any apology as alleged by some unbecoming writers.

The Chairman only told him squarely to within 7 days retrace his steps or face him in court, he was not there when the said apology letter was signed.

The question to be asked is: has Emmanuel Effiong any proof for allegation of this weight? Does his allegation have any merit? When he was with the Police, did he confess that he is sorry about the mistake he made? Where is the source of his allegation? Was he present at the scene of the acclaimed adultery or did he have any hidden camera capturing the event? Who reported this case first?

The man, the wife or the chairman?
And what was the report?

These facts should be packaged and presented at the court.
As a matter of fact, has Emmanuel Effiong finished submitting his apology letter to the chairman’s wife which he accepted to meet and apologise to? At what point did he then change his mind that he is not sorry again, as alleged by some persons?

The painting of Imoh Okon as one who goes after peoples wife without mentioning the names of the women or bringing out pictures to back up the said claims is outrageous and unacceptable as the Chairman’s good-looking, decent, hardworking, disciplined, lucrative and career-driven wife, has never complained that her husband cheats on her, neither is he interested in the relationship between Effiong and his wife because he never married her for him.

The Police is doing its duty by investigating a man who’s intention was to dupe a Public officer and holding down for defaming and invoking occultic means like the use of white hankerchief stated in his apology letter.

Time will tell the truth.

Bittered minded fellows can look for other things to attack the chairman, not to go under the guise of what they are presently perpetrating when the interview clips with Effiong says it all and are evidences to buttress this truth.

Imoh Okon has been resolute and undaunted in his “No” since the beginning of this charge. His insistence stems from the fact that his hands are clean and nothing more pretentious.

Public officers were not put in public offices to be maligned and disgraced. If such is the case, they must not go unpunished. But in this case, there is no proof whatsoever to buttress that Imoh Okon did the boisterous act he’s being accused of.

It is obvious that there is more to the story than meets the eye. Emmanuel Effiong was sponsored to blackmail Hon. Imoh Okon and his principals, sensing the tight corner he is now, have changed his Lawyer for another Barr. Mohammed whom they feel will do their bidding.
By the time the stiff hands of the judiciary grip Emmanuel Effiong at his midriff, he’ll cough out his sponsors and those who sent him on such outrageous errand.

Members of the public should be well informed and keep their ears glued to the Police report in the final analysis.

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