APC Headquarters Says Atiku Stole Nigeria’s Money

The brickbats continued yesterday between APC and PDP, ahead of the 2019 election, which has been described as too tough to call, as both candidates have all it takes to win the Presidency.

In a statement, APC spokesman Yekini Nabena said:

“Nigerians have had enough of corrupt, cash and carry politicians. That was why in 2015, they came out en masse and elected a clean and transparent man in Muhammadu Buhari to clean the Augean stable. The candidature of Atiku Abubakar will bring back the undesired lot and their practices which Nigerians have long rejected and forgotten.

“The Nigerian electorate deserves to be given a choice of decency, integrity and honour and not dirt, corruption, and infamy. The choice between Buhari and Atiku is one between light and darkness; between positive change and business as usual; between transparency and under the table dealings.

“As we prepare for the forthcoming 2019 elections, one thing is clear. If the choice is between a presidential candidate/change agent who is rebuilding the country and refocusing our national priorities and attitudes on one hand, and another candidate who along with his gang of co-looters stole the country’s commonwealth and brought the country to its knees, that choice has already been made by the Nigerian electorate.”

Reacting, the PDP said if Atiku was corrupt, how come Buhari’s government has not filed any case against him since 2015.

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