APC leader writes IGP over rights abuse by Edo state SSG


Inspector General of Police
The Director General (DSS)
Edo State Commissioner of Police
The Director (DSS Edo State)
National Chairman APC
Edo State Chairman APC

Human Rights are fundamental and inalienable rights and are supposed to be enjoyed by the people, they are legal entitlements which every citizen should enjoy without fear of the government or other citizens. They are rights and privileges earned by men for being humans, necessary for the continuous coexistence and for participation in a complex society.

With regards to the present agitation for the soul of Ikpoba-Okha LGA towards ensuring that proper and sincere leadership is provided especially at the Political Party Level, to create an atmosphere of equity and freedom to participate in party affairs without being molested or harassed.

We will like to draw your attentions to the already arranged plans of the Secretary to State Government of our dear State, Mr Osarodion Ogie Esq. to intimidate, abuse and unlawfully arrest anyone — with the aid of the Nigeria Police Force and Security Agents— seen to be in support of the call for Inclusiveness in the affairs of our dear political party and indeed the people of Ikpoba-Okha.

It is important to bring to your notice sir that the Elder’s Council that preexisted before the subtle emergence of Osarodion Ogie was ambushed and destroyed by him in his bid to become the only recognized individual in Ikpoba-Okha. That he has since achieved, but till date has neither brought reasonable progress to our people nor to our communities.

Events of the past and present seem to define majority of Ikpoba-Okha young people as not good for befitting employment opportunities, but rather as tools for Osarodion Ogie’s political mercenaries. It is shameful and demeaning and as a people we have decided to buck this trend, and change the narrative.

Consequently, attempts by Mr. Osarodion Ogie who is not in touch with the people to use the instrumentality of State and the exalted office of SSG to in whatsoever disguise oppress and intimidate our sons and daughters for the act of simply exercising their rights and peacefully clamouring for inclusiveness and political correctness will be resisted.

Ikpoba-Okha has a lot of indigenous and enterprising young people with fresh ideas who Mr. Osarodion Ogie has in times past oppressed, and almost destroyed their vision and won’t provide opportunities and platforms for sharing developmental thoughts, as he has arrogated to himself some sort of God complex and enthroned himself as the Alpha & Omega, dictating in a constitutional democracy

Therefore, in our quest to ensure that Ikpoba-Okha is not finally annexed to the residence of Mr. Osarodion Ogie in the Government Reserved Area (GRA) and in ensuring that all Stake Holders are given a voice and a sense of belonging we are agitating for a Change and he cannot stop us this time.

Consequently, we are calling on the above authorities to please take note of his plans and call him to order. We will not take for granted the safety of our people, the hope and future of our communities and dear state. He needs to understand that, that which is important to us is the welfare of our people, and only true leadership can provide that.
Ikpoba-Okha is determined!

Jointly Signed By:
Ikpoba-Okha APC for Good Governance.
Concerned People of Ikpoba-Okha.
Grassroot Youth Initiative.

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