Armed Robbers Came To My Compound Last Night In Benin City – man laments

A Nigerian man residing in Ikpoba Okha LGA in Edo state, took to Nairaland to lament the rising spate of robbery in Edo state, specifically how his neighbor was robbed.
Last night Bedc light went off at 2:00 am as usual in Ikpoba Okha local govt of Edo state where I live. At around 2:30 am I heard a car drive through my street and packed close to my house. I thought it was one of the street neighbors, but I got suspicious when I heard footsteps around the compound.

It turned out that armed robbers came in the car and walked to the window of my neighbor who lives in another flat. Right after I heard sound of hitting and my neighbor’s wife shouting. It turned out the armed robbers were breaking down the iron protector on my neighbors kitchen window. They succeeded in removing the iron protector and breaking all the glass ludvass. My neighbor rushed to the kitchen and tried to prevent them from entering inside while wielding a shovel. The wife at the side was shouting to alert people and also throwing things in the kitchen at the armed robbers.

Meanwhile I went to the window to shout and alert the neighbors, when I saw that no one was responding I started thinking if I should go out alone. I decided to go outside and pretend to be vigilante boys by hitting a tray, but right after I heard the sound of gunshot.

Apparently after the three armed robbers saw that they couldn’t enter inside the house, one of them started asking, “make I light am, make I light am?” After receiving the go ahead, he shot at my neighbor who fell down from the shock. After shooting, the armed robbers rushed to their car and left where the driver was inside waiting for them and left.

I saw the armed robbers drive off to the major road, how they could drive through a major road when there is supposed to be curfew and roadblocks still baffles me. I hurriedly went to my neighbor to confirm whether he was shot. Luckily the bullet from the gunshot spread, and some of it injured my neighbor’s hand. Some minutes later the other neighbors in the compound came out to check.

The following morning the area vigilante corps that we pay money to every month to guard the area came over and told us we should have called them on the phone because they were not nearby to hear the shouting. We told them they never said anything about having a phone number we could call and they gave us their number to call next time.

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