Attend Ekiti Youth Conference, State PDP Youth leader charges party youths

Ekiti State PDP Youth Leader, Aare Olalekan Amerijoye has called on various youth groups, associations, organisations, bodies and clubs in Ekiti State to participate in the Youth Conference organised by the Independent Democratic Elite Association(IDEA),in collaboration with Ekiti PDP young stakeholders.

He made the call in a letter written to the different groups.

Aare Amerijoye noted that the programme with the theme “Youths in Politics- Ekiti State in Perspectives” is billed to come up on 30th June,2021.

The PDP youth leader said it would be wrong for anybody to start assuming that youth were incapable of putting things right in PDP or that gathering could pose any threat, saying he never subcribe to such .

He explained that it was better to have young male and female stakeholders and great minds PDP coming together to discuss issues that would be impactful in achieving great success for the Party in future elections.

The letter forwarded by, Aare Olalekan Amerijoye also contained the following.

How old was late Obafemi Awolowo,H.O. Davies,Oba Akinsaya ,Nnamdi Azikiwe,Eyo Ita when they formed Nigeria Movement to make things go better in their youthful age for their country. So to say ,we are all eminently qualified for the pioneering role of a new generational stakeholders in our great Party in Ekiti State, neither age nor status is our barrier, obviously speaking, nothing is actually our barrier. It will be wrong when we falter when this right step is being taken, though it is also considered as matter of individual right for being entitled to one decision and choice.

The Youth Conference coming up on 30th June of this year required our concerted efforts and we must regard ourselves as crusaders in a new cause to enthrone this Party back to power.

At the same time, we meant by example in truthfulness,honesty and fairness appeal and encourage all the young stakeholders in all governorship aspirants camps to join us in the marathon race ,we wish to ideologically intuned ourselves and racing against the clock in bringing the glory of this Party back.

Great young stakeholders,we need not to be alarmed that this our coming together could be misconstrued in some quarters, especially the unenlightened minds ;but it is enough if it borne in our minds that working for unity, progress and success of our Party, is our ultimate goal and we must begin forthwith to take steps which would ensure the speedy attainment of this end. This could be done, even though when being mindful of the political brinkmanship that is dominating the affairs of the Party.

For the past few weeks, you must have been inundated by all sorts of banters being thrown at me just because I decided to free myself from subjection. Latest is their plans to remove me as the State Youth Leader of our great Party. But I ask myself;do I need to be a State Youth Leader to be extremely active in the Party?

In fact,I would be left free of the ethical handcuffing that the position required and freely galvanise young stakeholders in Ekiti State for a noble course to rejig our Party and chart a new social order.

They are foolishly requesting that something should be done urgently as regards my age as the State Youth Leader. Perhaps you could recall, that in the history of Ekiti State Youth Leaders, I am one of the youngest State Youth Leader and even ever youthful in interactions.

Out of the present State Youth Leaders of the Party throughout the federation, more than twenty are older than me. You would agree with me, that they are only toying with what will open a pandora box. Help me ask them.What is the age of the Local Government Youth Leaders in Ekiti State? Even some Ward Youth Leaders are above forties. I have done this stactistics for quite a while and get prepared ahead.

I was one of those who canvassed for the age of the Youth Leaders to be explicitly specified in the constitution of the Party as thirty five in the last National Conference of the People Democratic Party Youth Leaders and it will be my joy to see it being in operational.

We all also canvassed at the Conference in Abuja that fee of the nominations forms should be free or reduced for youths contesting in any of the various political positions. A recommendation bought into by Senator Bukola Saraki Reconciliation Committee and they are so committed in having both recommendations encapsulated in the Party’s constitution.

The prisoners as described by Plato,in their indiocy think it is everybody that could be intimidated or subjugated like them.Not an ideologue like me, when you repress me I get more determined. Right from my teenage I had been well fortified in ideaology of egalitarianism and the principle of fairness I always have my disposition.

I have decided not to engage them again in the official platform of the Party and that is temporary, I do not want to appear uncontrollable to the worthy leaders of this Party who have been persistently telling me to ingnore them. In the meantime I will not engage them in any outburst. You know they are only good in the official platform of the Party.I would not engage them again in their loop, taking to the advice of the political veterans in the Party.It is only in the official PDP platform in which they have decorated with pseudo accounts and personalities that they exhibit fallacious dominance.

Engage them outside the official PDP platform and the platforms they are not the one operating or platform they do not operate proxies, they fall yakata and like dog with its tails between its legs begin to throw stickers, even in official PDP platform throwing stickers is their stock in trade and abusing all leaders that they do not see toeing their political hue or line of disposition. Yet ,much as I want to impress it on you all ,that it is needless we engage them in exchange of banters, it would be great advantage if we prepare our minds that there could be mountaineous challenges that may militate against this process of making this Party virile but the greatest problem is our fractious nature that we hardly aggregate ourselves to form a united front working towards plausible goals.

If our togetherness is secured,I doubt if there could be any inability to tackle any human challenge that we may face in the course of being an effective vehicles for the progress of this Party of ours and also be an active players to ensure not only the coming back of the Party to power but our continuous relevance in the scheme of events.

Therefore, let me say this; that willy nilly the Youth Conference will hold,if that would be the beginning of activities in this Party, good for it. As young stakeholders of our Party we are eminently qualified to initiate a process that will bring everybody together to discuss issues and even initiate a process that will bring our leaders together, as the next election is just a year to come.

Ordinarily, as the State Youth Leader;one of the Party constitutionally specified functions of my position in section 44(1b) is to initiate and implement strategic programmes and policies aimed at at endearing the Party to the Ekiti Youth and ,in the final analysis Nigeria youth. But of course you know that, the idea of this programme is initiated and powered by the Independent Democratic Elite Association (IDEA), in collaboration with young stakeholders in our Party and which I take great delight to be involved, not just as the State Youth Leader of the Party, but Aare Amerijoye DOT.B. an individual who derives much sactifaction and joy in partaking in lofty goals and as individuals we are all at liberty to be involved as section 40 of the Nigeria’s constitution specified our right to peaceful assembly and association.

However,I need to appreciate all the young stakeholders of our great Party,for their unflinching and unalloyed support. You know,they have done a lot and written a lot to put a wedge between me and you all, working on our psychologies and minds to tactically pitch us against one another.

They are struggling hard to make the governorship aspirants in our great Party disinterested in the programme and doing serious mind game to destablise us. I must commend the intellectual resistance of all of you , the young stakeholders ,in deoxygenating the fallacious tactics they are employing to make us fractious.

Have you not asked yourself why are they against our coming together? There is something that our coming together will bring and they are terribly afraid, frightful and getting nightmarishing every day about it.

Obviously speaking,Ekiti Youth Conference initiated and powered by the Independent Democratic Elite Association (IDEA) is an Idea that has come to stay and it will be encompassing. But ever courageous young stakeholders of our great Party, great businesslike, clear headed and ever agile what we need do now,I mean all of us who believe things should be done properly in the Party for our coming together is sine qua non, we need to play our part well. Since history exists for those men and women who confront their time by defying the limitations of their society and doing the right things at the right time, even though not convenient, for them ;posterity has stood in salute of men and women,who came ,saw and conquered. Why do not we play our roles.

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