Buhari Gets Strong Reply? US Says Abusing Rule of Law Worse Than Corruption

A competent man who’s suspected to be corrupt can be checked through systems and strong institutions. But a man who is incompetent and one who doesn’t respect the Rule of Law is a disaster to a sane society. Don’t get it twisted.

The United States Ambassador to Nigeria, William Stuart Symington, has said that injustice and disregard for the rule of law are worse than the stealing of public money.

Mr. Symington said this on Monday at the convocation lecture of the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, where he delivered a lecture on “Citizen Leadership and the Link between Economic Diversity and Democratic Good Governance.”

The ambassador described disregard for justice and rule of law as “more damning a corruption than stealing of public funds.”

What many consider as the great corruption is stealing of money but what to me is the great corruption is when people are deprived of justice, when you do things without regard for the rule of law,” Mr. Symington said.

Speaking on the security crisis in Nigeria, Symington said it was the responsibility of both the government and citizens to secure the country.

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