Buhari’s open support for open grazing, a declaration of war ~ S’West PDP

President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent interview calling for the re-introduction of grazing routes across the country has been described as “an open declaration of war on Nigeria,

According to a recent press release by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from the office of its Zonal Publicity Secretary, Chief Sanya Atofarati, the “Buhari’s interview in a national television calling for the reintroduction of long abandoned but obsolete grazing routes for cattle in Nigeria of 2021 only portrayed the President as a desperate, undisguised Fulani apologist wanting to lord his rejected cattle colony on the nation”

According to the PDP spokesperson, the banning of open grazing by southern governors has come as a big blow to Buhari and his Attorney General, Shehu Malami who suddenly became the official mouth piece of Miyetti Allah and since then the issue has remained a sore point to the Buhari-led government.

His words; “It is glaring that the decision of southern governors banning open grazing had clearly unsettled the cabal in Aso Rock led by Shehu Malami who made no pretence at condemning the governors’ position on open grazing

“But the President’s directive to the same Malami to dust the obsolete law of tracing the old grazing reserves across the country for cattle to move freely was a pointer to declaration of war on the entire country even as the affected governors of the south have reiterated that no inch of their land would be ceded for cattle grazing.

“If an APC Governor in Kano State has embraced the modern method of animal husbandry by going full scale ranching while his masters in the Villa are rooting for a non existing law of tracing cattle routes when the country’s population was less than 60 millions, it shows there’s a disconnect and a missing gap

“The spontaneous reaction of governors from the south maintaining their stand on banning open grazing as they have done with Buhari’s RUGA policy was a legitimate clamour for independent federating units which confered the ownership of land to the state givernors through the land use decree and anything outside this is abuse of the system and unknown under the Constitution”

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Headline News365 Administrator
For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
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