Chinese doctors are in our care – CCECC MD

JUST IN: Chinese medical team is in our care, says CCECC

Michael Yigao, managing director of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), says the Chinese medical experts that arrived the country on April 8 are in the company’s care.

The whereabouts of the Chinese team became an issue during the presidential task force briefing on COVID-19 on Thursday.

Osagie Ehanire, minister of health, had said the federal government could not explain the whereabouts of the Chinese medical team because they are the guests of the CCECC.

But Yigao told reporters on Monday that the team came into the country to specially help CCECC fight the disease and protect its employees.

“The team had a telecast meeting with the minister of health and some doctors around the country and shared their experience in China on how they’re fighting the virus and the meeting was very positive,” he said.

“They are here with us and have continued to teach our staff how to protect themselves because protection and prevention are more important than the treatment.

“Most of the workers understand the situation now and they know the risk, so they follow the proper procedures and cooperate with their instructors.”

He said the medical experts would be heading home as soon as the ban on commercial flights to China is lifted.

Yiago praised the Nigerian government for its reaction to fighting the disease, saying the CCECC would like to build on the strong mutual relationship between Nigeria and China.

He said that CCECC would continue to give quality support to the Nigerian people in all areas

“Right now, commercial flight to China is not open, but when flights are open again, we’re considering the team going back to China,” he said.

“In a big country like Nigeria, it can be a bit difficult to control a pandemic because you will have to make all the people of such a large country understand that it is serious and real thing.

“I think Nigeria is taking this very seriously and you can see it in the implementation of the lockdown and the suspension of international flights etc.

“And like other companies in Nigeria, we will do whatever we can to help the country, like building treatment centres and training people on how to handle the virus.

“We understand the COVID-19 pandemic challenge in Nigeria because we are based here and have a lot of employees and we do believe, that with efforts from the government from the people, we will win this war.

“I hope the people of Nigeria understand that we need the help of all peoples across the world to win this fight against coronavirus.”

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