By: Hon. Kelechi Nwogu

When COVID-19 was first recorded in our country Nigeria, a lot of people christened the virus “Big man sickness”, because it started with the political elites, the super rich, and the bourgeoisie in our society. But months into the ravaging outbreak in our country, we can all agree that it affects the poor more than the rich.

Take for instance the idea of embarking on e-learning for school children. That is completely at the disadvantage of the children of the hoi polloi.

Most schools for children of the rich are switching to e-learning due to the pandemic that has significantly grounded human activities around the globe, but we don’t seem to be taking into consideration the child of the poor man that can’t key into that.

If all the students of the expensive private schools in the city key into visual learning, how do students of the community primary and secondary school in your village learn visually like their counterparts in ivy league schools?

Even the free e-learning portals reportedly launched by the Federal Government still can’t fully accommodate children of the downtrodden. Abi no be pesin wey get smart phone they browse internet? Is it the pupils of that primary school in a remote rural neighbourhood, that its headmaster’s office doesn’t even have a laptop that you want tell about FG’s free e-learning portals?

My point is, there is no way you will look at the impact of COVID-19 that it won’t portray that it has affected the poor than the rich. From lockdown; hardship; job losses, and this issue of e-learning, the proletariat and indigents are at the receiving end of them all.

Please stay safe

Hon. Kelechi Nwogu Is a Rivers Lawmaker

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