Ekiti 2022: A Conscious Divorce From Gangsterism, Political Intimidation and Cheaply Laced Propagandist Machinations (Opinion)

Politics is simply put; An art of rendering oneself for public service and practically aiding the delivery of the dividends of democracy to the people. This is usually achieved when the mandate is freely given to the political class by the electorates via the ballot.

Sadly, our political space is riddled with intimidation, gangsterism, thuggery and sometimes, killings, maiming, and destruction of life and property. One then wonders if politics is still an art of service to the people. Funny enough, ritualism and diabolism are gradually becoming a norm among political elites. For real, how low is low?

How do you intimidate, kill, destroy, enchant, demean and ridicule the same people you want to lead? In all honesty, I do not understand. In a saner clime, you appeal to the electorates, share your manifestos and campaign within the ambits of the law.

As an electorate, the onus of responsibility rest on our shoulder to elect fine gentlemen and women who will effectively and efficiently carry out the constitutionally enshrined mandate of securing lives and property and also creating enabling environment for the people to thrive in all ramifications of life, legally. This should be our passion in the interest of our polity, development and that of generations yet unborn.

One of the key issues for the masses is identifying politicians that will do their bidding by agitating for the growth and prosperity of the common man.

In searching for the right person to lead us in Ekiti, we must never discountenance antecedents in private and, or, in public service. What does he or she stand for in the past? What policies of Government have they promulgated or supported in the past? What are their interests in selfless service? Will they rise above partisanship and fight for all Ekiti sons and daughters?

Professor Kolapo Olusola Eleka is an individual that has demystified the concept of political leadership, inciting an ideal paradigm shift in conscious politicking, engaging sane mechanism in interfacing with the electorates and has over the years shown consistency in policy formulations and suggestions.

Bear in mind, Eleka does not belong to the crop of our contemporary political class that have all these years exhibited no constraints in employing violence, propaganda, intimidation, financial inducement and thuggery in their quest to steal the people’s mandate.

On the contrary, Eleka is a thoroughbred technocrat in politics; Eleka is a seasoned administrator; Eleka is an astute manager of people and resources; Eleka is a champion of fundamental human rights; Eleka is a transformational Leader; Eleka is an unrelentless advocate of a peaceful and developed Ekiti; Eleka is unweathered in his commitment to the emancipation of the good people of Ekiti; Eleka is committed to human capital development and capacity building; Eleka is a lover of youths.

Over the years, Prof. Eleka has demonstrated the aforementioned in occupying offices in distinct echelons. His glowing antecedents speak for themselves.

At a time like this, Ekiti State needs a man that has led an exemplary professional career coupled with emphatic leadership prowess.

Prof. Kolapo Olusola Eleka once said: “My father is a retired teacher, my mother retired as a headmistress, my wife is a teacher, I am a trained teacher. When I become governor, my government will be your government.”

Irrespective of our political affiliations, social status, varying religious beliefs and cultural differences, it is high time we gave Professor Kolapo Olusola Eleka the mandate to lead Ekiti to peace, prosperity, development and enviable heights among States of the federation.

Oyewole Michael , a public affairs analyst and political commentator writes from Ado-Ekiti.

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Headline News365 Administrator
For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
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