Ekiti EKSU Alumni Salutes New National Executives


Distinguished and Esteemed Members, I have come on behalf of the State Executive Council and the entire members of Ekiti State Chapter to congratulate the newly elected Worldwide and National President of our Association, Engr Dipo Bamisaye, on his victory.

Our felicitation equally goes to the newly elected National Secretary – our distinguished leader, most compassionate brother and affectionate friend, Dr Isaac Akinleye of the Home and Mother Chapter; as well as other distinguished members of the newly inaugurated National Executive Council (NEC).

No election is minor and no election should be described as trivial or inconsequential.

I am saying this because election in the context of EKSU Alumni Association for example has become more of a power-struggle or struggle for power, characterised by similar dominant attributes of regular societal elections, which are often enmeshed in a zero-sum game for maximization of gains, intensive scenarios dominated by battle of skill, strategies and survival of the fittest.

And now that Engineer Bamisaye and his team had won, all we can do is to continue to pray for God’s divine strength and wisdom to tinker the affairs and governance of our Association to more attainable greatness.

Meanwhile, I’d like to use this avenue to congratulate all our brothers and sister participated in this election, particularly our elder brothers who contested for the position of the National President of our Association, that is: Hon Soji Ehinlanwo, Hon Segun Odidi to Hon Sam Ogunmusi.

The just-concluded EKSU Alumni election was a unique one and I have conceptualised a theory around the flashpoints of the just-concluded election, brandished as the “Masquerade Theory”, exemplifying the inherent smokescreen-politics of intrigues, secrecy, covert-bargaining, scientific disguise and strategic concealment that characterised the just-concluded election (��Egungun��).

In fact, that you all have even participated or taken part in this type of somewhat simple but highly sophisticated election is commendable and this will never be adjudged as a merely noticeable effort but more as a tremendous achievement in our modest estimation.

Nonetheless, we must tell you that you have also given a very beautiful account of yourselves as not only worthy and but proficient products/ambassadors of our alma mater considering those robust ideas that were individually propounded and defended by you during the electioneering and presentation of your amazing blueprints.

Besides, the maturity that you have demonstrated during and particularly after the election also speaks great volume.

Based on these discernible observations, backed by my earlier expressed conviction, I have come to unhesitatingly agree with Dr JET Babatola (former National President) and the Newly Elected Worldwide President Engr Dipo Bamisaye that the EKSU Alumni Triadic-Gladiators (Hon. Ehinlanwo, Odidi and Ogunmusi) are nothing but WINNERS in some certain contexts but I strongly wish to implore them to make their victory count through your continuous participation in our Alumni activities, not minding the outcome of the just election, in pursuance of our collective objective of making our association
greater enough to compete with other Alumni bodies glocally (locally-globally).

This is what we hoped for, while sincerely wishing you the very best in all your future aspirations and undertakings.

Our ample gratitude goes to the EKSU Alumni Independent Electoral Committee (EAIEC) for the success gained through the hitch-free election. Indeed, you have done so well and we hope that our macrocosmic electoral system can adopt your model by borrowing a leaf from it to become true specialists in conducting free-and-fair elections in Nigeria.

Finally, our most sincere and heartwarming congratulatory words go to the Immediate Past President (IPP) of our Alumni Association, Asiwaju (Dr) Oludotun Adetunberu, for providing excellent leadership and robust service delivery.

Notably, under you, the various State Chapters became more relevant in the governance and politics of EKSU Alumni Association, owing to the rights and privileges bestowed on us, including the honour of bringing us out of the labyrinth of irrelevance and cocoon of incapacitation to the limelight of prominence.

By this deliberate devolution of power from the centre (national) to the sub-centre (chapters), Asiwaju has infused into the EKSU Alumni system the true tenets of democratic freedom, true leadership and inclusive governance.

No doubt, I was right to have branded you as the *LEADER OF THE NEW ORDER*. This is because you have come, seen, fought and overcome.

Let me reinforce here that posterity is a master-recorder of all human actions (good or bad) and I am sure it will never for any reason forget Asiwaju (Dr) Oludotun Adetunberu’s legacies of good accomplishments.

Indeed, history shall be kind to you my dear Egbon. Regarding the remaining office un-occupied, we have huge trust in your integrity and anticipate the deployment of justice, fairness and equity for all.

It is a new era with new leadership in the annals of our University’s Alumni Community.

At this point, we rely on the shoulders of our Father, Prof M.A. Ayeni – The Supreme leader of Ekiti State Chapter, to unhesitatingly assure the newly elected National Executive Members of our unequivocal and continuous support as the Home and Mother Chapter, while wishing you the very best.

God bless Ekiti State! (Home/Mother Chapter)

God bless EKSU Alumni Association!!

God bless Ekiti State, Nigeria!!!

Thanks and God bless.

Comr. Deji Oso Dejavu (Opomulero)

Ekiti State Chapter.
For: Exco and Members

*Cc* :

New National President

New National Secretary

IP National President

Chairman & Members, Council of Elders Forum

All Presidential Aspirants

All Alumni Platforms

Date : 29-03-2021

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