EKSU Alumni Election: Groups drum support for Afolabi Fakayode


Sequel to the notice announced by the electoral body of the Ekiti State University Alumni Association that it’s election has been scheduled for 27th March 2021, lots of intrigues, scheming and politicking have started in different camps as it is expected in every association, organization and democratic set-up.

A report has it that a foremost member of the Association who is also a leading aspirant for the post of the National Assistant General Secretary, Mr Afolabi Fakayode popularly known as ‘Afooo’ had been confronted with series of allegations in a petition officially addressed to the association’s electoral body accusing him of failing to attend any Oyo State Chapter’s official meetings, that he has never served in any position in Oyo State chapter before and that he has never attended any of the National Convention/AGM before; asking the electoral body to disqualify him.

However, in a reply written by Mr Afolabi Fakayode, he said their allegations are quite laughable and sad.

According to Afolabi, “I do not have such capacity to renounce my membership of the Alumni Association, even if I so wish, as the right is inalienably compelling, being a proud holder of EKSU’s prestigious University’s certificate”

“Even when their allegations are quite laughable, it is sad that in this time and age when human evolution is deeply into innovation and healthy rivalry that stimulate unimaginable developments and intellectual integration that breaks prism and builds bridges for robust participation, people could still hold tight to this kind of primitive ideology that deceitfully ordains them to lord over everybody and everything as though their personal territory is being encroached.

Speaking further, Mr Afolabi acknowledged the current leadership of Asiwaju (Dr) Oludotun Adetunberu for his progressive membership drive and leadership excellence, asking all to join hands with the new brand he has created to build a formidable Alumni community in the years ahead.

“Let me state here very clearly that my resolve to contribute my humble but valuable quota to the ongoing effort of your administration to advancing the course of our Alma mata is irrevocable. Despite their machinations, this house CANNOT FALL”, Afolabi concluded in his letter forwarded to the National Executive Council of the Association.

In similar reactions, the Ekiti State Chapter and Ogun State Chapter under the leadership of Comrade Deji Oso Dejavu and Hon Seyi Idowu Urban had publicly endorsed the candidacy of Mr Afolabi Fakayode.

In a release made by Comrade Deji Oso Dejavu, he gave a brief history of his trajectory in the Alumni Association and stated that his appearance at the 2011 national convention was motivated by Mr Fakayode Afolabi and Hon Seyi Idowu.

According to Deji Oso, “that I was at the convention in 2011 to agitate for a democratic EKSU Alumni Association that can recognize not just graduates from OSUA alone but also UNAD and EKSU graduates, which gave birth to the agreement leading to the integration of younger generation of graduates into the Alumni leadership was an opinion collectively mooted by the trio of Afolabi, Seyi Idowu and Deji Oso”.

Stating further, “for us in Ekiti, we believe in Afoo. He is a tested and trusted Alumnus. Hence, he will definitely add quality integrity and excellent values to the Association if elected”, Deji Oso affirmed.

In a similar vein, The Ogun State Chapter Chairman Hon. Seyi Idowu Urban has also lent his backing to Afolabi Fakayod stating that he is not just qualified to run as the National Asst General Secretary of the Association alone, but would be an indispensable pride and asset to the association.

“I do hereby support Afolabi Fakayode for the purpose of building and strengthening the capacity of our Association in advancing the overall course of our University, Seyi Idowu concluded.

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