Eleka @53: The Man And His Thoughts, By David Love Opeyemi

King Solomon rightly said that a man who is diligent in his business will stand before Kings and not before mean men. How about a diligent King? He will receive the respects of fellow kings and be loved by his people. This could be said of Prof. Kolapo Olusola Eleka, whose lovers and enemies will agree that he is a diligent King, a wise leader, an achiever and a man who is fully committed to Purpose. His records are there for all to see. Even his most prominent opponent in 2018 gubernatorial election later testified that, indeed, he was God-sent.

However, what are the thoughts of this diligent kingly Man, who will lead Ekiti State next year by God’s grace? This is beyond his achievement but his personality.

First, Eleka believes in the capability of his people. He doesn’t show disdain for anyone irrespective of background, always rendering help to all that comes across his way. This humble Professor taught some students Physics and Mathematics on weekends for months from last year to this year, with a view to helping them cushion the effect of the pandemic. Regarding the issue, when I engaged him, he said: “I have to teach them; who knows if I am sick tomorrow and one of them is a Doctor and the person has to treat me tomorrow. If I don’t help solidify the foundation today, the building will collapse on all of us tomorrow.”

From what I have observed in Professor Eleka, He doesn’t just want to help, he believes that these young ones will definitely help build the future. The teaching was not convenient but the purpose was clear and overriding. This man didn’t look down on these future leaders, he rather contributed to the future itself. Come and look at how happy he was this year when those students passed their exams. He burnt midnight candles to teach them, even at his age.

A fact you cannot ignore is, with people like Prof Eleka, the future is bright and the wise thing to do is for Ekiti youths to stake their votes on him.

Again, early this year when the crisis of Ekiti State University EKSU was alarming, he pointed out that “if the opportunity was given to him to lead the state, ASUU won’t think nor consider embarking on industrial action.” Of course, I asked how that could be achieved, considering the devastating pain of strike on the future of youths. His reply was simple. Based on my own level of knowledge, he mentioned Silicon valley in California State, USA and I understood. The reply didn’t just show how innovative his thoughts are but how futuristic they are, with practical examples.

Dear Ekiti Lecturers and residents, the future is now. Choose a man who will erupt Ekiti Potential Knowledge Economy. If you are wondering how I knew his thoughts, he is my mentor.

On another occasion, when the issue of candidacy with his former boss began, he was just calm. When people call him, he will keep mentioning “Oga” respectfully. I was wondering if this man is a typical Nigeria politician, showing respect and loyalty to someone who is practically against his (Eleka’s) progress. As a good Christian that I am, I found answers in the Bible, looking at the relationship between Saul and David. We all know how that ended.

Furthermore, when making decisions, as a disciplinarian and no nonsense person, he asks for opinions before arriving at a conclusion. He would want to know what others think about issues. “What do you think”? “I just want you to hear” are some of the remarks he makes to establish a participatory deliberation. This shows his style of leadership, a participatory approach, where all voices are heard in making decisions unlike some leaders that command selfish decision.Likewise, those who worked with him in Education sector.

Leaders of all cadre in Ekiti State, I want to urge you to be prepared for participatory governance. I want you to believe you have a man that wouldn’t wave you aside because of position. And, in making firm decision, Professor Eleka is a Lion and little wonder he is making waves on his gubernatorial ambition, despite all odds. He knows what is right and stands for it at all time.

Eleka is a tower of commitment. He doesn’t do half job nor compromise process for shorter results or parochial purpose. His Excellencies, Former Governor Fayose and Governor Seyi Makinde can testify to this Man of Purpose. He will tell you if you know you can do it, do it well.

Professor Eleka is a liberal giver and a spartan. Whenever someone is needy and talks to him, he ensures he gives even at his own inconvenience. And when it comes to public fund, Eleka is a Spartan, he doesn’t spend what is not his own nor mismanage funds. Even his former boss, Oshoko can testify to this; because if he was greedy or looter like some of our leaders, they would have used it against him now. Ekiti your allocation is safe with him.

What more can be said about a diligent King, purpose-driven leader and a Man from, of and for the people. He is just the BEST among the qualified.

His mantra says it all: “Rebuilding the broken walls, discovering new grounds”

Crown him and see Prosperity. Support him and witness a positive turnaround. Fight him and be dealt with by the Philistines.

As Professor Eleka, My Mentor, is a year older today, my prayer is that the Lord Almighty, my backbone who helped King David, will definitely help you in Jesus name. Amen.

Happy Birthday, H.E Prof. Kolapo Olubunmi Olusola Eleka. I thank God for the Gift of you.

God bless you, Sir.


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Headline News365 Administrator
For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
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