Eleka calls for love at Ramadan


Former Ekiti Deputy Governor, Prof. Kolapo Olusola, has called for love and peaceful co-existence among the citizenry, during and after the Ramadan.

The professor of building made this known on Wednesday in a statement he personally signed.

Prof. Olusola said that the Ramadan period represented love, forgiveness, peaceful co-existence and the need to extend a helping hand to the less privileged in the society.

The Former Deputy Governor noted that Nigeria needs love and peaceful co-existence to strengthen and surmount all challenges confronting her as a nation.

According to him, “For any country to thrive, she needs love and peaceful co-existence to strengthen the social bond, and overcome any challenge confronting it as a nation. It is only when we allow love to grow in our hearts irrespective of religion, language and tribe barrier that we can collectively as a nation surmount any challenge confronting us”.

Admonishing Muslims to refrain from all selfish desires, Professor Eleka further stated that, “fasting during this period of Ramadan should not just consist of refraining from eating and drinking, but from every kind of selfish desires and wrong-doings. The fast is not merely of the body, but essentially that of the spirit as well”.

Prof. Olusola urged Muslim faithfuls across Nigeria to develop and strengthen the powers of self control, and attain nearness and closeness to God, so as to intensify the consciousness of God in our hearts, resulting in a higher spiritual experience and to continue to give to the less privileged, not at Ramadan alone but at all times.

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