“Focus on making PDP win election in Imo state”, Rivers youth leader slams Imo youth leader


It’s unfortunate that the Youth Leader of Imo State PDP instead of investing this level of energy on how to win an election in his State, is busy dissipating his energy over a National issue that he has no solution to and also crying more than the bereaved

Let us educate ourselves alittle farther, I want to draw the attention of the Imo State Youth Leader to the fact that the “sack order” on the National chairman of the party is purely a constitutional matter and until the order is vacated either for or against would anybody act otherwise, so there’s no reason preoccupying yourself with National politics when you know you have Senator Uzodima is there as Imo State Gov.

Whenever a scenario is been created and a third party comes in to mediate particularly in a party like PDP the way it was, all the organs and stratas that made up the party came and took a stand and a press release given on the decision of the party that convention should hold Oct ending, A convention committee be set alongside Zoning committee and that the National chairman should call a meeting of the NWC. Why on Earth would Secondus not comply with the directive of the party and meanwhile he’s the number one Leader of the party and that didn’t baffle you and now what is baffling you was the fact that some leaders took Uche Secondus to court. Do you think people are unaware of some sinister plans to dissolve some State exco. The game is on if there’s any way you can be of assistance to him please do.

Let it be on record that there’s no PDP member in any State of this federation that would claim he or she loves the National chairman of the party more than His Excellency the Gov of Rivers State, the state Chairman of the party Ambassador Desmond Akawor and the entire PDP RIVERS. This was the platform that pushed Secondus to the exalted office of the National chairman of the party, so if I may ask where were you, how did you know, did your vote or support count for him? WHY pulling down the ladder that took you to your peak. And today Uche Secondus is celebrated by you whereas Gov and the entire party is now dragged to the mud.

Based on the foregoing, I want to assert that the foundation upon which your claims are laid is a faulty foundation bcos as an insider I have led you through certain historical evidence on the emergence of Prince Secondus as the National chairman of the party.

Whether he’s going down as a military Gen or a civilian Gen it doesn’t matter and am sure you know how many Generals who are real Generals in the party and of course that in anyway shouldn’t be an issue.

Finally my dear friend just like I have been advising you please limit yourself on those things that can make PDP win election in Imo State and also check areas we can be of assistance to you.


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For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
Headline News365 Administrator
For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
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