Geoffrey Onyeama, The Intellectual Minister Under The Control of His Personal Assistant, Flavor Eze

Mr Flavour Eze is supposed to be a Personal Assistant to the minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister Geoffrey Onyeama, but his behavior and conduct is more like the de facto minister, this medium can report.

He has illegally entrusted himself to yield even more power than the Minister across the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the minister’s home, and in the politics of Enugu state chapter of All Progressive Congress.

In the foreign affairs ministry, Mr Eze has an overbearing attitude that staff in the ministry find irritating but gnashing. Ministry staff are just tolerating him because of the regards they have for Chief Onyeama, the Minister. Mr Eze is notorious as one with hands in several shady deals in the ministry that the minister probably knows nothing about. But ministry staff are worried that it might rub off very badly on the Minister if it ever comes to light and if unattended to.

“We all in the ministry know that it is just a matter of time that Flavour will spray mud on Oga’s garb of sterling reputation. It is unfortunate that such a perfect gentleman (Minister) can be held hostage by a shady character like Flavour”, says a staff which asked not to be named.

In Enugu state chapter of APC, Flavour is often referred to as the “other Minister”. This is because the Minister defers to Flavour absolutely on all things political, so much so that politicians who want to curry favour from the Minister have to first swear allegiance to Flavour.

Flavour has used this power to build a political base for his own ambition, which according to some sources is a way of exercising control over the lives of men.

Flavour is seen as the puppeteer of the minister because he has managed to absolute hold over the affairs of the minister in such a manner that his words are seen as law for any one that wants to have anything to do with the Minister.

“Flavor is gradually destroying Onyeama politically using divide and rule tactics to scatter his loyalists. Only a handful of supporters who has sworn allegiance to Flavour are left with the minister. We can only pray from afar that Minister’s eyes will open one day, so he can see the level of damage this wicked and manipulative man has done to his reputation”, says a former member of Kwusike, the Minister’s political family.

Another former Kwusike member wondered why members of the great Onyeama family is allowing their Distinguished son to be rubbished by a sleazy character like Flavour Eze.

An investigation by this medium reveals that the extent of the damage done by Flavour to Minister Onyeama’s reputation in Enugu and beyond is such that no one appears to take the minister serious politically.

Speaking on the development, an Enugu political analyst has this to say, “it’s not a secret in Enugu that every word to come out of Minister’s mouth was put there by Flavor, so unless you are in Flavour’s good books, dont bother going to Minister. And to be in Flavour’s good books you have to swear allegiance to Flavour and promise to obey his every command. Some of us cannot do that so we avoid any political dealings with Minister. Besides if you cannot swear allegiance to Flavour, he uses blackmail to manipulate the Minister against you and the man believes everything his PA tells him about everyone. It is unfortunate what Flavour is doing to the Minister. He has created so many enemies for the man in Enugu state”.

At the APC national secretariat, the Minister is seen as a man without a mind of his own, depending entirely on his PA for dealings. Party bigwigs are disappointed at the quality of the man who purports to speak for a man of Minister Onyeama’s pedigree.

One highly placed director at the Blantyre Road Secretariat of the party, describes Flavour as an “irritant” who needs to learn the basics of politics.

While there is wide respect for the Minister, the actions of his PA portrays him as a weakling and gullible man.

Headline News365 Administrator
For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
Headline News365 Administrator
For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
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