‘God fearing’ robbers return valuables stolen from deliveryman, console him

Social media is buzzing with a video which recently went viral.

video captures something unusual which has left people with lots of thoughts, with many claiming that the video brought out what humanity is all about.

According to several reports, the CCTV footage shows how two robbers returned goods they had stolen from a delivery man.

The incident which has left many in tears is reported to have taken place in Karachi, Pakistan.

“CCTV footage of robbers in Karachi consoling a food delivery man and returning his valuables after he breaks down into tears,” reported the Express Tribune.

Robbers return valuables they stole from delivery man, console him instead
Robbers captured on CCTV consoling a delivery man they stole from. Photo: UGC.

From the clip, the delivery man is seen returning to his bike when the robbers approached on a bike and looted all that he had.

However, instead of running away, they started talking to the man and within a few minutes, they returned his belongings.

Before they fled the scene, one of the robbers is seen consoling the delivery man when he broke down in tears. He gave him a warm hug.

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