‘I am ready for you’, Lere Olayinka writes Ekiti Attorney General over arrest order

*Open Letter To Ekiti Attorney General and Commissioner For Justice, Wale Fapohunda over plot to arrest me*

Dear Mr Commissioner,

My name is Lere Olayinka, my people call me Aresa 1. I am from Okemesi Ekiti, just like you.

Yesterday, I heard it as a rumour that you have put govt machineries in motion to arrest me.

A few minutes ago, it was confirmed that you have set out “people” to arrest me anywhere they see me.

I was told that your good self, Wale Fapohunda said you were instructed by Gov Fayemi.

Reason? I don’t know. But I suspect it might be connected to our political events of next week.

I hope those “People” you have set out are not the same Dele Omojola (Marshal) led armed wielding thugs that invaded GNN Hotel, Ado Ekiti on October 24, 2020? If they are, I will be waiting for them… *Ekiti yii ti gbogbo wa ni.*

If they are policemen or men of other law enforcement agencies, I will be waiting too.

However, Mr Commissioner and Attorney General, let me tell you that I am not one who is afraid of anything. Therefore, you don’t need to stress yourself, sending your “people” to look for me.

If nah police, DSS, Civil Defense or even Boys Scout, make them invite me properly, I will honour the invitation.

If nah thugs, make them come too, I dey kampe.

For your information, few minutes ago, I landed in Akure via a Overland Flight. I am on my way to Ekiti now and I will be there throughout next week.

Mr Commissioner, power that gets people so drunk will end one day. *Egungun a pada wa da eeyan and we will all meet in Okemesi Ekiti, our land of birth.*

The other time, you told Kabiyesi Owa Ooye that you were not aware, even though the petition to the police emanated from your office. This time, I am saying it again that it is coming from you directly.

Lastly, let me tell you that arresting me or doing whatever won’t guarantee you the State Governorship in 2022.

Your relationship with people, even in Okemesi Ekiti matters.

Ire o.

Lere Olayinka
1, Irunmale Avenue
Agbonna Hill-Top
Okemesi Ekiti

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