Ijaw Youth Council Crises: Eastern zone elders issue communiqué


That The IYC- Elders Council Eastern Zone met in an emergency meeting on Sunday 19th January, 2020.

To deliberate on issues affecting the Ijaw Nation with regard to Ijaw Youth Council.

Those issues deliberated on were;
A call for unity convention, and also a call for constitutional convention. On this, the Elders after much deliberation on the subject matter came up with certain decisions that will usher in peace in the three zones. (1). That a Unity convention was held at Okochiri hosted by His Majesty, King Ateke Tom, and High Chief Asari, General Akali Horsefall and leaders from other zones were all present. Elections were conducted where Bar Rowland Oweilaemi was declared the winner as the President of IYC worldwide.

That the issue of Eric Omare parading himself as president of IYC could not affect collective decision made at Okochiri 3 years ago.

Based on this, the Eastern Zone Elders Council only recognize Bar Rowland Oweilaemi as the President of IYC worldwide.

(2). That the Elders Council rejected the call for Constitutional Convention by the President because of the time, instead the Elders Council suggested a Transitional Convention that will form an ELECO to conduct election that will usher in new executive of IYC.

Conclusively, anybody or group calling for a Unity convention after what transpired at Okochiri is an enemy to the zone.

This should also be seen as a slight on the leaders who spent their hard earned money to see a smooth transition took place.

That the President Should be allowed to transit to the end of his tenure.
The decision to pick any venue for a convention is the prerogative of the President and his executive council and as long as the venue is an Ijaw land, the council will be obliged.

Haaa Izon.

Signed: Comrade Fiyasiri Eweleye – Chairman(IYC-ELDERS Council Eastern Zone).

Comrade Gold Monday- Secretary(IYC-ELDERS Council Eastern Zone).

Elder Athanasius Eneyo(Senior Critical Stakeholder Elders Council Eastern Zone).

Elder Cecilia Joshua( Fin Sec Elders Council Eastern Zone)……

details of the communique coming up later.

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