Innoson Not Using Farouq Osuolale’s New Logo

Last year October, a brand designer, Osuolale Farouq on Twitter displayed a new company Logo for the Innoson Group which got the attention of a good number of Nigerians who saw the logo as a masterpiece creation.

@TheonlyFarouq, where he revealed that the CEO had stated reasons why his logo doesn’t fit into the company’s vision and mission presently, but that it could be a thing for the future.

Update: Meeting with the Chairman

On the 30th of January, 2020. After a tour around @innosonvehicles‘ factory, which was eye-opening. I met with the Chairman, Dr. Innocent Chukwuma, at his home in Nnewi, Anambra. The meeting started at a good pace. We talked, laughed.

The chairman commended me for a job well done on the logo. However, he mentioned that he won’t be using the logo now. He explained that this is because a rebrand is going to be a costly project for a manufacturing company like Innoson. Stating the factors, it’s“quite understandable why. 

A rebrand will surely be of significant effect and can only be done if a specific target can be met *which is why the company needs every Nigerians’ support*. Not to leave out the fact that I was well-compensated, and he encouraged me to keep working,“doing what I do best – Branding. 

I did show him the other designs (see some below) I made for the company, and he said the organization would have me aboard whenever a new project takes place. In all, I made new friends and got to understand how things work there too.

With this, I’ll implore every Nigerian to support them in any way they can; that way, we get to progress together, which will also boost our standard and economy as a nation.
I also use this opportunity to thank God and appreciate every single person that made this moment possible for me. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have gotten here. I sincerely appreciate it.

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