Kogi state deputy governor reacts as state assembly commence against him

The Deputy of governor of Kogio state elder Simeon Achuba vows to unveiled more corrupt practises of Yahaya Bello of Kogi state despite impeachment processes on going, Achuba who said he still remains the kogi state Deputy governor said  impeachment is not as easy as they thought insisting of continuing to reveal  more revelation about Yahaya Bello saying he has them in series.

Achuba said he is not perturb at the said gross misconduct said that development is expected as that is the only way the governor and his team can react to his allegation, Achuba why speaking with ChannelTV on the popular programs called Politics Today urges the people of Kogi state to go about their normal business, insisting that he has resolved to stand with the people as the second term for Yahaya Bello means more death for the people of Kogi state.

House Majority Leader, Abdullahi Bello, read a petition against Achuba during plenary on Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

He accused the deputy governor of criminal indulgence, financial misappropriation and non performance.

Citing section 188 of the 1999 constitution, Bello called on the House to commence an investigation into the allegations ahead of a possible impeachment.

According to him, 21 out of 25 lawmakers in the House signed the impeachment petition.

House Speaker, Kolawole Matthew, agreed to the request of the petition and directed that Achuba be served an impeachment notice.

The deputy governor will have two days to respond to the allegations against him.

Achuba has been in the news of recent after he accused state governor, Yahaya Bello, of failing to pay an accumulated sum of N819,709,980 owed to him.

The sum is the accumulated statutory allocations which include travel allowances, hotel bills, pledges, and outstanding monthly impress and salaries which has been withheld from Achuba’s office for the past two years.

In the letter, dated July 17, 2019, Achuba accused Bello of consistently refusing to give approval for the release of funds for the smooth running of his office.

Achuba warned that his request for the withheld allocations be granted within seven days, failure of which would force him to seek redress in the National Industrial Court.

Last week, he accused the governor of sending assassins after him in a bid to eliminate him.

“I want the police, SSS, IGP to know that if anything should happen to me, my family and aides, the governor should be held responsible,” he said in a statement.

Bello’s office has denied all of Achuba’s allegations and accused him of non-performance and sponsoring killings in his community.

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