Makinde appoints his former teacher as Chairman of State Civil Service Commission

‘Reward of teachers is in heaven’ Thus goes the saying that has been reversed by the hardworking Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde who felt otherwise and decided to reward one of his teachers with an appointment in his government. A teacher, Kamorudeen Aderibigbe who taught the Governor English Language in Primary school is reaping from where he sowed as he was recently appointed the Chairman of the Oyo State Civil Service Commission .

It was a cheering news, to teachers, civil servants and muslim faithfuls in Oyo State, as the appointee is known to be a dedicated, trustworthy man who believed so much in his former student, Seyi Makinde and did his quota towards his emergence as the Governor of the State.

In a conversation with this writer immediately after the Governor was elected, the former teacher revealed that he was reunited with his old student through the Aare Musulumi, Alhaji Dauda Makanjuola whom he now works for as a secretary after about 41 years when he left primary school.

Narrating their meeting, Aderibigbe said ‘we had lost contact since 1979, but Seyi came to the Aare Musulumi to introduce himself as the SDP governorship candidate and when I went through his profile, I saw he attended St Michaels and I instantly recognised him as one of my students but I couldn’t say it. The second time he came to invite the Aare to his annual Ramadan lecture, Aare could not attend and he asked me to represent him, so I had to go with Seyi in his vehicle to the lecture. While in the car he said he knows my face, and I said yes. I told him I was at St Michael’s, yemetu, I didn’t tell him I was a teacher and he asked what year and I said 1979, and he said you taught me in Primary 6…I was very happy and we hugged. I was surprised he could still remember after the long years, he is very intelligent’.

Alhaji Aderibigbe since then has been nicknamed ‘teacher Seyi’ (Seyi’s teacher), while many people in the State attest to the role Aderibigbe and his boss, the Aare Musulumi played to win the votes and sympathy of the muslim faithfuls in Oyo State for the Governor.

Aderibigbe’s name has been sent to the State House of Assembly for screening while the appointment is described as worthy to many who see Aderibigbe as a transparent man who has the ears of the Governor in some matters.

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