Motorists decry poor state of road in Abia (video)

The state of Ajata-Ukwu-Ibeku road in Umuahia north local government area of Abia State has assumed a more worrisome state following erosion menace that has nearly divided the federal government road, ABN TV reports.

The road leading to Bende, Ohafia and Arochukwu local governments of Abia state according to the indigenes has crippled the economic activities of the area and made life brutish for them.

Expressing his disappointment to ABN TV over the inability of the government to fix the road, an indigene of Ajata-Ukwu-Ibeku, Offor John Chinoso said “we just woke up one day, like two months and now, we just saw it like this. It was the day we had a heavy rain fall we saw it like this.

“This road leads to Bende local government. The head of this community has noticed it but I don’t know if they have done anything about it. This road leads to Arochukwu, Abam, Bende, Ohafia and this other side leads to Umuahia.”

Some motorist plying the road expressed their displeasure about the deplorable road condition.

One of such road users, Chukwuma Ikeogu said “The road is very, very bad. We are suffering in this road, after here cocoa research, after cocoa research, Uzo-Abam where they call Okpaku, I’m going to Ohafia. We have serious problem on this road. Government should come quickly because when this road cuts off, the other side going to Ohafia is not also good.

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