N21bn hospital: NNPC has robbed Niger Delta to pay Katsina – Timi Frank

Former APC Deputy Publicity Secretary, Comrade Timi Frank has expressed concerns over the State of the Niger Delta, and charges the NNPC to prioritise the Niger Delta in their agenda.

In a series of tweet this morning, the Beyelsan activists writes:

“Without Niger Delta States there will be no NNPC. So if NNPC is planning to build a N21billion Hospital in Katsina, they should as well build a N30billion hospital in the 9 Niger Delta . The NNPC should stop this daylight robbery from Niger Delta, because without Niger Delta there’ll be no NNPC.”

He also listed out some of his dissatisfaction over how the NNPC has treated the Niger Delta States, knowing fully well that the Niger Delta is the only reason the NNPC is existing at the first place.

“NNPC should take Niger Delta States as a priority. We are one Nigeria, and it is okay for everyone to benefit from the Nigeria resources, but Niger Delta should be the first beneficiary. It will be unfair to the people of the Niger Delta if the NNPC doesn’t prioritise their benefits than any other part of the country.

Less than 2% of Niger Deltans are at NNPC. Niger Deltans at strategic places is less than 1%. The NNPC should step up their game. I urge them to give employments to people from Niger Delta, as things like this will stop the unrest that has long existed at the Niger Delta.”,

Timi Frank concluded.

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