Nigerian man narrates experience with SARS operatives

My encounter with the Nigerian police FSars in 2017
This was typed in grief, permit me to apologize for any typographical err u might come across, kindly read to the end

This is my story…

My name is Amaru I’m an Apple iPhone soft/hardware engineer and also a phone dealer. I am a legit Nigerian, a strong and genuine lover of my country. I’ll like to share this sad story between myself and the FSARS that happened on the 22nd of September 2017 at about 1:30pm.

On this sad day, I was walking through the complex’s balcony going to my office when someone gripped my jeans from behind asking me to stop. I thought it was one of those random jokes from someone I know but when I tried to turn and eventually saw his face; I was like leave me alone “Wetin be your problem” While I was trying to free myself, he alarmed and I heard voices downstairs and two armed men ran upstairs cocking their guns and pointing it at me telling me to move! I respected myself and followed em downstairs and they forced me into a sky blue Toyota highlander Jeep.

On entering the Vehicle, one of them was asking a tattered looking person sitting next to me “Na d guy be dis ??” And I heard him say “yes na him” na him I sell the phones to; iPhone 4s and infinix he added. I looked at d guy again And was like are dis peoplel kidding me ? I don’t know this person from nowhere I said. The guy was mute And that was when I noticed they were FSARS. And one of them said to the guy “ shey na iphone 4 ? Nobi iPhone 6? Immediately the guy said it’s an iPhone 6 and infinix. They drove off And d next place I saw myself was at police command Lagos Ikeja. We all got off the Jeep and they were like “U Dey talk say u no knw dis guy abi? No worry u go talk truth” and one of then said “carry am go theater” It was still shocking to me. When we got there, They started slapping me (countless times) They asked me to lie down, they Flog the hell out of me. E still be like film for my eyes…They kept asking “do you know this guy” I was still telling em I don’t know him and they said “no worry, u go talk now”

They took off my white jean; before that, One of them dug his hand into my back pocket and took my spectranet mifi and N14k cash I was having on me. He Took off my shirt and I was wearing my white inner shirt and boxers as they kept flogging me with a pipe looking hard rubber And I kept telling them I don’t know the guy So one for em asked them to stop And asked them to tie me, hang me and load me and I was like God! What is all this? Where are all this coming from? I was lying on my tummy and they took my hands to my back and tied it firm to my legs.

They put my socks on my hand and tied the rope on it and on my legs, they used my jeans on my legs and tied the rope on it after that, they passed a steel pipe across my back that’s in between my tied hand/legs and my back And two ppl carried me, One on this end and the other on the other end of the steel pipe. They carried me and hung me� that one nor do; They loaded this long cylinder filled wif gas on my back which was in between my tied hand/legs and my back and added two big stones to wedge the gas filled cylinder and on my neck they added 4 heavy rings tied with rope Yet I was still saying I don’t knw dis guy And one of em was like “na there u go die” I lasted ther for roughly 30mins, The pain was much and I was losing my breath; It was like I’ll die in d next minute and what came out of my mouth was “Yes I knw the guy, He sold the phones to me” and they asked for how much and I kept on uttering what I didn’t do because I was under duress and tension.

When they got what they wanted which was Torturing me to make me say what I didn’t do, they brought me down and untied me. “What they did to me will make any human on earth admit what he or she didn’t do… when they untied me, I was still lying on d ground. No part of my body was able to move; They asked me to stretch my hands as They stepped on them gently. I believe that was to make my blood flow again. After like 3-5mins, they asked me to stand up; I tried and managed to stand on my feet and one of them was like “guy u strong o! see werin u do urself, If u don talk since we for no do u all dis one”

Now they took me up stairs, made me relax and asking me if I wanted water, No I said. While sitting, I sat for a while; they were coming and going buh one of them was always with me. So at a time they asked me to come, they took me to the 2nd floor and while we were goin up the stairs one of them said to me “we are going to see our Oga and you’ll tell him everything just like you have told us. I answered ok and in my mind I was like when I get there, I’ll tell their Oga the gospel truth which was “I don’t know the guy and it was all a setup and I said all I said under duress.” On a second thought I was like what if their Oga is same as them. I thought of myself going back to hanging, the pain and all and then I made up my mind to tell their Oga same thing I told them

When we got to their Oga’s office, It was d office of the OC SARS. And one of em was like “Oga This is the person the robber sold the phones to” I greeted their oga jejely and then he asked if I bought the phone from the guy, I told him yes. “How much did u buy the phones” he asked; I told him N50000 and N30000 and he said “you’ll have to go get those phones” while he was talking, a call came through his cellphone; he picked up and left asking us to come back. And they took me and the said robber downstairs and then put me in the cell SMH

Whn I got in there, Nobody touched me. They were like “Fresh fresh fresh from different angles” Wetin u do they asked. I was still looking in shock and didn’t say a thing so they gave me my position, I sat down and a guy next to me was like “Fresh werin happen?” I managed to narrate the whole story and also told him how they hung me and how I admitted a crime I did not commit and he was like “Lemme see ur hands” and then he was looking at my legs and he said “them no hang u joor” if they do, u go get better scars frm dat rope he added. I had to tell him They placed my socks on dat spot and tied the rope on it and did same to the other hand; and on my legs they used my jeans and the guy was like “hmm Dis ppl and money hunt wif this their illegal work”

(And then he told me that the team that arrested him once took him out for that same mission… he narrates “While on their way, they told him they were going to his area in Ketu And when they get there He has to point anybody as they’ll nab the person and do to him exactly what they did to me” he started thinking he said and eventually came up with a plan which was pointing at any of his enemy in his hood he said
And after saying that in his mind, He made up his mind to do just that but on getting to his area he came down, looked around and said “All d ppl wey I Dey see no get money” and I asked what he meant by saying dem no get money and he said to me “if dem nab dem na bad market” after clearing them on that, they asked him to get into the car and they brought him my back to the cell. He said he was not comfortable doing that.)

That day passed and the following day was Saturday 23rd sept 2017
They came and said I’ll have to bring those phone and I told them I’ll have to call someone. They brought me off the cell and took me up, handed my phones to me then I called a friend to help me bring an iPhone 6 and any infinix which was their claim and that very day they brought both phones over and gave it to them and while we were waiting to hear what’s next, they team leader said my bail is N500000 “500k” and left immediately. My friend followed him quickly and when he came back he said he dropped the bail to 200k
And I was like Tell him 50k and he said He don’t think they’ll collect it And said we can try If they reject it We’ll tell em 100k. He did just that but they rejected it And said we are not serious.

They took me back to d cell and my friend left. After like 20mins, The sgt came to call me again and when I went out to the counter, It was my mom and My sister. My sister was crying already and I saw tears on moms eyes immediately I cleared her saying “I’ve never set my eyes on the person they said I bought the phones from, I don’t know him” and at once My mom nodded and believed all I told her. (She know Wetin her son fit do and Wetin hin no fit do) twale Iya!

A policewoman on her side heard me and started ranting and when the Sgt came She was telling me to repeat wuh I jus told my mom; I did just that and the Sgt was like “ so you’re calling me a liar” When I was trying to talk, It was looking like we wanted to get into an argument then the Sgt said “Oya come and go inside the cell” A policeman was there listening while I was talking And in his face I noticed he was feeling bad So the Sgt sharply took me back And then came back to conclude with mom and they left after that. Mom dropped money for my meals with a woman that sells food. “She was directed to do so when she asked how I’ll feed”

The Sgt already told me and mom they don’t come on Sunday but on Sunday at noon he came to call me took me upstairs And asked me what I was saying about the money; I told him I can get 50k But he said I should take that off my mind saying they won’t collect it. He said he wanted to advice me, If I can come up wif 100k He’ll help me beg them he said. I told him I needed to call my mom, I called and told her and she said ok she’ll get on the road but the sgt said he can’t wait for my mom to come, I had to call my friend who lives close by and he said if that’s the case, He can come with d money now. Then I called mom back asking her to stay back.

While we were waiting for my friend, He took me back to d cell And after like 10-20minz, He came to call me again and when we got upstairs boom! it’s was my friend with the ransom because to me, I was kidnapped and tortured! we greeted and he brought out the money. The Sgt collected it, counted it secretly and then pocketed it. Now he told My friend to get going that he’ll have to smuggle me out and He don’t want anybody to know what he was up to. He gave me my jean, My shoes were nowhere to be found, my watch, my belt, my N14k cash my spectranet mifi too. And he said I can always come for it anytime

I was all ready to be smuggled out of the police command when he gave me one stupid peeled slips And when we about to leave, He asked me to jus wrk boldly. I did as he said And I came out, Entered d car and then drove off… and the following day which was Monday I resumed work and at about 3pm I called the sgt asking him for my belongings esp my spectranet mifi, he said he can’t find it and I asked with him to help me look for it but one of them collected the phone and was like “you Dey craze? Em swear for u? Wetin u Dey use spectranet do? You Dey do yahoo?” I was trying to tell him the mifi is for the entire office buh he banged the phone….

100k cash gone like that, My belt, Shoe, iWatch s2, Spectranet mifi, my body aches for a thing I know nothing of. This is so so creepy

The part two of this story was my journey to the OC SARS office with the chairman of computer village to report the case officially… but it was left unattended to and was swept under the carpet

Few days ago made it the third year this whole thing happened between myself and the FSars, I wrote this back then with too much pain in my heart; I’ll continue to post this every September until I get justice, my items and my money back… forgiveness is a sin!

may God bless my oppressors abundantly and remember! You will for sure rip what u sow… #thanksforreading #GodblessNigeria #GodBlessourGovt #thePoliceisNOTurfrnd #WaZoBia #One9ja

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