Obaseki will win but I am not his fan – Fayose

I just read the response of Chief Bode George to his understanding of what I said concerning the Edo State election.

Even though I won’t like to dignify him with a response, it is important that I set the records straight because it appears that he may have deliberately read different meanings to what Political gains he wants to make out of it and I careless.

My position is that, for obvious reasons, I am not a fan of both Gov Obaseki and Oshiomhole. That notwithstanding, I believe that Obaseki will win, but he should honour his agreement with the PDP by not returning to APC after assuming office for the second term for flimsy excuses.

It is equally important for Chief Bode George to know that I am not the mouthpiece of South West PDP. I speak for myself and I take responsibility for whatever I say.

Above all, we still remember his negative statement concerning PDP on Ekiti, Osun and Rivers States elections. We still have the audio and it is a reference point that we will never forget.

Pa Bode George should take a rest now.

Ayo Fayose
Governor, Ekiti State
(2003 – 2006 & 2014 – 2018)

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