Of Hushpupi, Magu and his EFCC thieves, by Lere Olayinka

If I see Magu, there is one question I want to ask him concerning this #Hushpuppi arrest.

Is he not ashamed of his style of investigating financial crimes?

Magu’s EFCC would have arrested Hushpupi, seized CASH, his cars and other properties, divide the CASH into like TWO and declare half, then go to court to seek interim forfeiture of the properties.

Thereafter, EFCC will be looking for evidence(s) to prosecute him.

Who in Nigeria was aware that Hushpupi was being investigated? I doubt if Hushpupi himself was aware.

If it was EFCC, stories like:

  1. EFCC launches investigation against Multi-Billion Naira Internet Scammers
  2. Magu leads 50 EFCC operatives to Dubai in search of Instagram Celebrity Hushpupi, others.
  3. We will get you anywhere you are hiding, Magu tells Hushpupi, others
    etc etc.

Also, if it was Magu’s EFCC that arrested #Hushpuppi and his gang, half of that 1.6 billion dirham (N168bn) cash won’t be declared.

If you doubt, check the stories on the Osborne Road, Ikoyi, Lagos CASH recovery.

The initial story was that $38m cash was found in the apartment. A few hours later, the story changed to $43m cash.

Magu and his EFCC operatives must have stolen $5m CASH from the money before they realised that the whole CASH belonged to the establishment and those who kept the money there knew how much it was.

I have said this several times and I will say it again, EFCC is under a crude dumbhead, who knows nothing about investigation of financial crimes, other than to make senseless noise to impress his political masters.

The other time that I confronted him at a Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON) in Abuja, he could only mumbled and later asked his policemen to match me out of the event. Of course, I resisted them and the event organizer, particularly the then BON Executive Secretary, Segun Olaleye stood with me.

You dey fear abi? Don’t worry, my name is still Lere Olayinka and I’m here on the topmost part of Oke Agbonna in Okemesi Ekiti, eating bush meat with the Irunmales. Magu and his EFCC thieves can come and arrest me there.

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