[Opinion]Afghanistan, Taliban and the will of the people

Taliban was formed in 1994 by a group of Afghans. The meaning of Taliban is students.

In 1996, the Taliban rose to power and formed the government in Afghanistan. Though critics accused them of imposing their own version of Islam in the country, the majority of the masses were aligned with them.

In 2001, the United States Government under President George Bush invaded the country, overthrew the Taliban administration, and a government that is pro-West was installed in the country.

NB: the Taliban was overthrown not defeated in any democratic process

Following the overthrow, the Taliban took up arms to fight against the newly installed West-backed administration same year, while the USA deployed soldiers, weapons and trained Afghan soldiers so as to wade off any regime change from the Taliban.

While the Afghan government was aligned with the US, the masses was in bed with the Taliban. The Afghan masses, who are predominantly Muslims, see the Taliban form of government (Theocracy: a mixture of Islamic Religion and State) as the best form of government for them, while they see that of the US as system of infidels and anti-Islamic.

During the administration of President Donald Trump, the Afghanistan administration requested for the US Soldiers to leave their country, which was agreed by the administration. Upon assumption in office, the administration of President Joe Biden agreed to the deal as well and effected the withdrawal.

Taliban forces, after the withdrawal of US troops, retook control of the government with seaming ease. They were literally unchallenged by the Afghan forces while seizing the country with support of the majority of the people.

Curiously, the Afghan President, who absconded from the Presidential palace, had in the past expressed pro-Taliban sentiment, the political elites also appear comfortable with Taliban takeover.

Although I am not aligned with the Taliban ideology, I can only deduce that what happened in Afghanistan is simply the will of the people, and it is in the interest of global peace to let them be.

Lamenting the Taliban takeover of government in Afghanistan when majority of the citizens are comfortable with it is like crying more than the bereaved.

Tonye Barcanista writes from Abuja

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Headline News365 Administrator
For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
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