OSUN ELECTION: We Fought a Good Fight, Our Stolen Victory Shall be Reclaimed, by Greenstone Emmanuel­čî▒

OSUN ELECTION: We Fought a Good Fight, Our Stolen Victory Shall be Reclaimed, by Greenstone Emmanuel­čî▒

Victory is like an old wine, the longer it stays, the better the taste. This stolen victory shall tastes better when its reclaimed.

Permit me to break my self imposed silence after the unholy union between institutions of the state and anti-democratic party called APC delayed our God given victory.
The self imposed silence wasn’t a sign of weakness but an observance of the old saying that was amplified by friend (Laro Kazeem) ” Do nothing when you are angry, because what you will destroy will be more than what caused the anger” am in politics to plough and not to plunder.

Be that as it may, Democracy has been taken aback in Nigeria under the man that is dressed in a borrowed cloak of integrity and justice. Don’t be deceived my fellow party men and compatriots. Our hard earned DEMOCRACY is on a life supporting machine without a hope.

Am not a harbinger of bad news, and I don’t intend to be one. APC is not willing nor ready to give Nigerians free, fair and credible elections come 2019. What we are witnessing is a preamble into what they have planned in their secret coven.

Don’t be despaired, there is still light on the horizon for those of us that are determined to rise up and challenge this affront on our democracy. We are all equal stakeholders in this Democracy irrespective of our political affiliation or other divisive barriers. This is another duty call for all true democrats across board.

We shall overcome together as long as we remain focused, the power and liberty they have stolen from the people, shall be returned in full measure and nothing less!

The battle to save the soul of our democracy shouldn’t be a struggle for just one political party, democracy is our common denominator as democrats we are, let’s speak it, let’s defend it.

Conclusively, despite my broken heart, am strengthened by the display of courage and determination by my fellow party men and women, am equally proud of my non party members who stood by the line of justice and fairness despite our different political ideologies. The essence of true DEMOCRACY united us all.

I thank the National Leadership of my party PDP ably led by Prince Uche Secondus for their steadfastness and commitment.

The effort of our National Leader Sen. Bukola Saraki in straightening lines of fault is not left unnoticed.

In same light, I thank all the Presidential hopeful of our dear party that contributed immensely to bring the party this far.

Last but not the least, man-of-the-masses, Sen. Ademola Adeleke. You have shown us beyond mere words what a happy man like you can do, you are a winner, you won our heart countless times, above all, you won the election and will be declared soon.

God bless PDP
God bless Nigeria

Yours in struggle
Echo Emmanuel (GREENSTONE)
Convener of Osun Situation Room 2018

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