PDP National Youth League Condemns The Subtle Blackmail of Governor Wike

The attention of Peoples Democratic Party National Youth League has been drawn to a thoughtless write-up captioned, “SOUTH-SOUTH GOVERNOR STILL DESPERATE TO INJECT CRISIS IN PDP”, by an author who wasn’t bold enough to attach his/her name or those of his/her sponsors.

In the write-up, the nameless author alleged that a Governor from the Southsouth geopolitical zone is desperate to remove members of the party’s National Working Committee through bribing each of their deputies with N25,000,000.

The nameless author further accused the Governor of deliberately foisting crisis on the party in order to actualise his ambition to be President or Vice President at the conclusion of his gubernatorial term in 2023.

Despite the fact that the nameless author didn’t mention the name of the Southsouth Governor, every noble mind understand that the target of the piece is no other person but Governor Nyesom Wike, the Executive Governor of Rivers state. We also know where the calumnious campaign is coming from.

Since his emergence as Governor of Rivers state, Governor Wike has always been a subject of attack by politicians within and outside the PDP because of his boldness, courage, stance for truth, fairness and justice, and performance as Governor of Rivers state.

Here is a man who though is not the only Governor of the party, is seen as a rallying point to everyone that want the progress of the party and the country.

It is unfortunate that despite Wike’s sacrifices to see that the Peoples Democratic Party is stabilised and become a winning vehicle for elections, he has continuously been subjected to endless blackmail and verbal assault by loyalists of a prominent leader of the National Working Committee who desperately desires a return to his position at the forthcoming National Convention of the party.

It is ironic that this desperate NWC chief behind the calumnious campaign against Wike is a major beneficiary of the political magnanimity of Governor Wike. But has unfortunately turned around to bite the very hand that influenced his rise to his present position due to his desperation for a fresh term.

It is most unfortunate that the sponsor of the calumnious campaign failed to realise that the fate of his quest, and those of other NWC members, to return for second term rests on the shoulders of all party leaders and stakeholders and not just Governor Wike.

While Governor Wike may be highly influential in the party and is direction is seen as noble by members of the party’s rank and file, he does not solely determine the fate of those that seek to occupy any national position in the party, including the NWC.

Furthermore, Governor Wike is not one that can be manipulated by political blackmails. Continuous attack on his person will amount to exercise in futility as such exercise does not influence his decision and choices.

Therefore, it will be in the interest of those in the present NWC seeking return to their respective positions, including the sponsor of the anti-Wike blackmail, to employ lobby and show cause on why they should be returned.

We hereby advice the sponsor and purveyors of the anti-Wike campaign to desist forthwith as any further attack on our amiable Governor will be responded to appropriately.

Finally, we at PDPNYL have been suspecting that the sponsor of the calumnious campaign against Wike is an agent of the failed All Progressive Congress that is bent on frustrating our influential Governors out of the party to swell the ranks of the APC despite the high position he currently enjoys in PDP NWC. Wee shall continue to observe things as things unfold.

Tamunotonye Inioribo
National Coordinator,
Peoples Democratic Party National Youth League

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Headline News365 Administrator
For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
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