Portharcourt Ritual Killer, Ifeanyi Dike To Die By Hanging, Court says

Following the arrest of one ritaulist on Port Harcourt in 2017. The said suspect was Ifeanyi Dike once escaped from Criminal Investigative Bureau (CIB) in Port Harcourt, River State.

Mr Ifeanyi Dike was been accused of killing an innocent girl of 8 years old and later escaped from detention few days later. He decided to move over to Pleateu State where he was arrested when he went out for robbery.

Today at the high court in river state the judge finally passed a sentence to Ifeanyi Dike to die by hanging.

Ifeanyi Dike was a 300 level student was he was arrested for his crime. What a wicked world.

A High Court in Port Harcourt has sentenced ifeanyi dike who killed an 8years old girl in Port Harcourt in 2017 to death by hanging.

A one year jail terms will be served by the dismissed police sergeant, Johnbosco Okoronze under whose watch ifeanyi dike initially escaped from custody at the police criminal investigation department before he was re-arrested in Jos.

The judgement was delivered by justice Adolphus Enebeli Today.

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