Professor Kolapo Olusola Eleka- Beyond The Rhetoric

By Tope Adebayo

That the political spectrum hegemony of the great state of Ekiti is witnessing a surge in emotional outburst is no longer news but the traction is the race for the next Executive Governor of the state has begun. It is gaining momentum daily and everybody is eagerly waiting for better leadership.

The next Executive Governor of the state must understand the mechanism of modern-day politics and have a great grasp both of human management and talents maximization which would help in identifying the right and capable people across the board, giving the right support for them to excel in their duties and making the state great again. This has been my stand and this will continue to be my stand.

Permit me in my normal style to take a cue from the greatest book of all times and I will talk about Goliath and David; you remember the story right.

There was a contest and for forty days Goliath threatened and was commandeering the forces of Israel into a box – the Israelites dreaded the quarterly hour announcement but nobody dared confront Goliath -nobody wan die as our waffle people do say. It was gruesome torture, a pandemic to the soul of the people and a slow death to their life because Goliath’s victory would be doom for their economy as they would be in chains and not change. Goliath was having the show until one day, a little boy with no experience as thought by some came on board.

Goliath has been talking to them for forty days and has reconditioned their thoughts, recalibrated their focus and revalidated their doubts in themselves but David who was from another school of ideology listened to what he has been trained to see because what you see is a function of what you have trained your eyes to see.

The army of Israel was suffering more from mental incapacitation and we know mental slavery is one of the worst if not the worst of all slavery.

You all know how the story ended right – so how does this correlate with Ekiti politics?

It’s no longer news that I am routing for Professor Olusola Eleka and when I read comments from shallow minds I laugh because they fail to understand the workings of the secret.

Professor Eleka is not a man that makes noise because men of letters are men of high intellectual acumen which gives them a comparative advantage in analyzing and proferring solutions. I was opportune to have a look at his CV and I see a man that rose through the process gradually to be the man he is today. You don’t attain such heights through the noise but meticulous actions, giving yourself to studying and discipline.

Professor Eleka is a man that listens to superior ideas. Life doesn’t make a man-god but people around him would choose over time whom they believe can be their God’s representative in flesh and once these same people reject you as their god, heaven rejects you because “vox populi vox Dei”. One attribute of God in heaven is that he listens and gets feedback. He said “come let us reason together” and in another place, he said “bring forth your strong reasons” – any leader that doesn’t listen is one heading fast into oblivion and destruction. In this period of social media where news is disseminated at the speed of light any leader who doesn’t listen shouldn’t be graced with the staff of power and I tell you Professor Olusola Eleka listens.

David was indoctrinated into the school of the ideology of Saul and he was “given the opportunity” to wear the armour of Saul – the king. What a great opportunity for the king to give you his armour and only “betrayals” would reject the offer, shallow minds would say. Saul was not wrong because from the school of ideology he led, you must go to war with particular attire and only those who wants to die won’t follow that thought sequence – the question is “if your thoughts can produce the results your mind is saying why don’t you fight yourself in the armour”?

David wore it and removed it saying he had not tested it before – what a rebellious boy that enjoyed grace as he was sleeping when the ticket was given to him and the opportunity to appear before the king was effortlessly handed to him.

What they failed to understand is nobody of less value and importance gets access to the palace – if David hasn’t had anything of value to offer, he won’t ever have an audience with the king. He was getting prepared for this in the wilderness for ten years and his appearance was not just a flash but a growth one.

David would also have died if he has gone to war with that strategy of wearing armour. Goliath would have seen him as a warrior and he wouldn’t have let loose his guard but he confused Goliath by going to the war front with the attire of a shepherd boy and a sling. The most important thing is for Goliath to fall and the land of Isreal free from the intimidating, depressing and anti-people policies of the Goliath we see.

Professor Eleka is a man of great wisdom and superior strategy whose hallmark is not grandstanding on social media pages but whose demeanour is getting Goliath killed with the available resources – he is a man you should meet.

I close with my words ‘great men don’t make noise they make the news that generates the noise”. David didn’t need forty days to make noise – he used a day to create the news that created a national noise. Even in the dictionary, news comes before noise and Professor Eleka is not just ready to be trusted with the leadership he has grown over time to deserve it.

I support good, capable and purpose-driven leadership. Professor Eleka is the answer

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Headline News365 Administrator
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