Residents Cry Out In Benin City As Cult Gangs, Armed Robbers Takeover City

These are indeed troubling times for residents of Benin City as armed gangs seem to have taken control of activities in some parts of the City.

Since the aftermath of the #EndSARS brouhaha parts of the City is now a shadow of itself, recall Benin City witnessed two jailbreaks which led to the escape of over 1,900 inmates from the correctional facilities.

No fewer than seven police stations were invaded with arms and ammunitions carted away.

Presently cult gangs have renewed their rivalry in a bitter battle of supremacy that has left at least four people dead.

Upper Sakponba area of the City has turned a den for these hoodlums and urchins who operate seamlessly with no resistant from any security agency.

They have turned the full community into a jungle where they preside themselves what happens to residents, their guts are second to none and capable of consuming so many innocent citizens.

The gang war is something else as numerous cult groups have strong roots in the locality thereby laying multiple claims on which gang controls the runnings of the street.

Before the #EndSARS crisis, Upper Sakponba was already a threat to the populace, it is believed that the coordinated attack on the correctional facilities in the State was masterminded by people from Upper Sakponba.

Unfortunately, the issue of insecurity which has heightened these last few days can not be left in the hands of the law enforcement agencies alone, that area called UPPER SAKPONBA needs special intervention from both the Edo State Government, Federal Government and even the Inspector General of Police himself.

These kids have entrenched a deep system of cult activities in that area that if not handled urgently would spiral into an uncontrollable chain of events that may consume a large part of the City.

They have turned Upper Sakponba to a hotbed of recruitment zone for young cultist. Small gangs spring up now and then and in-turn nurtures themselves to full-blown criminal gangs.

Many of the crimes now committed in the city are orchestrated from this notorious hot spot.


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