10TH MARCH 2021

The Board of Trustees meeting reviewed and discussed in detail, as it usually does from time to time, the situation of our Party- PDP- nationwide.

This emergency meeting has been particularly necessary at this time of heightened political and economic tension in the country, to ensure stability of all the organs of our party and to place them on alert and in sharp focus as we prepare to take over national political power once again for the best over all interest of our nation.

In this regard the meeting recognized with appreciation the ongoing work of the Reconciliation and Strategy Committee led by Senator Bukola Saraki.

The meeting was briefed on the outcome of zonal congresses held over last week end. Three out of the six congresses have been successfully concluded.

The Board of Trustees in playing its statutory role as the conscience of the party, will work earnestly towards ensuring that the highest level of morality exists in all its activities and that all the members of our party live up to expectation.

The board is therefore fully committed not to allow any mischievous trends or strain to clog the working relationship between all members, particularly at the top management level of the party.

With a determination to do all that is necessary to ensure that we fulfill the overwhelming desire of the vast majority of the people of Nigeria that the PDP regains national power in 2023 the board is unequivocally committed to ensuring that normalcy and peace prevails through all the organs of the party to permit the development and implementation of well structured plans.

In this regard the Board of Trustees will ensure that a fluent and uninterrupted operation of all the organs of the party particularly the National Working Committee NWC remains in place leading up to a successful convention in December 2021.

The Board of Trustees will also ensure that very harmonious relations exist between the organs of the party and in this regard a detailed meeting between the BoT and the National Working Committee NWC is being planned to be held soon.

Finally the Board is very appreciative of the commitment of our governors to the Party and the exemplary roles they have all been playing to keep the party at optimum operational level.

The board will consult with the Governor’s forum on necessary measures towards solidifying the party.


Senator Adolphus Wabara,
Secretary, Board of Trustees,
For: Chairman, Board of Trustees.

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