“Rise Above Your Stomach And Respect Yourself”, Comrade Okai Tells FFK Over Yahaya Bello Praise

An advocate for good governance and leading opposition figure, Comrade Austin Okai, has slammed a former minister of state for aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, over the unmerited praises showered on Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state.

Comrade Okai, a man that has always voiced his opposition to Governor Bello due to his maladministration and mismanagement of the resources of the state, advised the former minister to rise above his stomach and pecuniary gains, and desist from insulting the sensibilities of Kogi indigenes.

He made this known through a statement that he personally signed on Wednesday, and made available to media organisations. The statement reads;

“I have observed with great dismay the complimentary remarks and comments showered on the infamous Governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello, by a former minister of the country, Chief Fani Kayode.

Until recently, Chief Fani Kayode used to be a man I hold in high esteem, but is gradually tilting towards the path of infamy.

I expected that being a man, who has served at the highest level of government, the Federal Executive Council, Fani Kayode should be able to differentiate good governance from clownishness, but I was wrong.

Since the past days, FFK has been using every opportunity and platforms that he has to insult the sensibilities of Kogi indigenes and residents, who have been at the receiving end of Bello’s evil and maladministration, by labelling a man, unanimously agreed as failure in our state, as a performer.

The same Yahaya Bello, who is infamously known as a disgrace to youths and governance, is the man Chief Kayode coronated with the robe of champion of Nigerian youths.

It is unfortunate that since 2015, FFK has fallen from the exalted office of Campaign Spokesman to President Goodluck Jonathan to the clownish state of instability and riff-raffism.

His notorious instability has seen him become a champion of Biafra secession whenever he is with Nnamdi Kanu, a champion of Oduduwa republic secession whenever he’s is with Sunday Igboho, and at the same time an advocate of one united Nigeria whenever he is with Yahaya Bello or any Nigerian Governor. Which mentally stable human being will be an advocate of secession and at same time an advocate of united Nigeria?

While I am not against the decision of Chief Kayode to take advantage of the wastefulness of Governor Bello, he would have done himself good by quietly taking his share and hide his shame instead of exposing his disgrace.

It will be in the interest of Chief Fani Kayode to respect himself as a former minister and rise beyond the dictates of his stomach. He can’t be a critic of the failed Buhari administration but at the same time praise Yahaya Bello, who is a much greater failure.

Kogi state Indigenes will not fold arms and watch anyone insult their sensibilities and make them look stupid simply because such person craves to fulfil the ambition of his stomach”.

Headline News365 Administrator
For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
Headline News365 Administrator
For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
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