Southsouth PDP Youths Describe Edo State PDP Chairman’s Suspension As Political Insurrection

Press Statement
June 2, 2021

Our attention has been drawn to a press statement by one Chris Nehikhare, where he announced the suspension of Hon Anthony Aziebemi, the Chairman of our great party, Peoples Democratic Party, in Edo state; a move we consider a political insurrection by Mr Chris and those working to illegally destabilise and hijack the structure of PDP from the people of Edo state, particularly, members of our great party.

It is rather unfortunate that Mr Nehikhare and his coconspirators have decided to tow the path of infamy by betraying the trust of the entire people of Edo state and members of Edo state chapter of Peoples Democratic Party through internal insurrection to oust the validly elected chairman of the party, Hon Anthony Aziebemi, simply for their selfish gain.

We wish to inform the insurrectionists and their sponsors that their deliberate scheme to create crises for the party so as to smoothly effect their impending defection to the unpopular All Progressive Congress, is dead on arrival.

Our great party in Edo state, Peoples Democratic Party, is one, and will remain so, under the able leadership of Chief Aziegbemi till 2024 when his tenure expires.

Those who are uncomfortable with the gains made by our party led by Chief Aziebemi, especially with the party’s victory at the 2020 Edo state gubernatorial election, should reconsider their stand for their own good.

We further wish to inform Governor Godwin Obaseki not to repay with evil the PDP Chairman and other leaders within and outside Edo state that prevailed on her popular candidates to step down their ambitions and gave him platform to run for second term and win reelection after he was disgraced out of the APC.

Our great party is a law abiding institution founded on sound legal values and guided by laws of the Constitution of Nigeria, Electoral Act and the Constitution of our great party.

We however, state that we shall resist any move by anyone to cause regime change in Edo PDP because PDP is not a Banana republic or anybody’s personal fiefdom.

We shall not watch the mandate by the people of Edo state given to Chief Anthony Aziebemi to lead PDP through delegates of the Congress of our party in the year 2020 to be usurped by a few selfish power hunger men.

We therefore give 72 hours ultimatum, starting from June 2, 2021, to Governor Godwin Obaseki, the Southsouth Zonal Working Committee, and the National Working Committee of our party, to call Mr Chris Nehikhare and his coconspirators to order. Failure to do so, we shall take their position to be consent and treat Governor Obaseki as a mole in our party to cause destruction and disaffection among loyal party members.

Finally, we urge Chief Aziebemi to ignore the suspension notice by the insurrectionists and carry-on with his lawful duties as legal Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party in Edo state.

Tamunotonye Inioribo
For Concerned Youths of Southsouth PDP

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Headline News365 Administrator
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