Suspected Fulani militia strike Kaduna community again, kill many

Fresh Attack in Kaduna, 18 Slaughtered

On Tuesday, May 12, Fulani killer herdsmenattacked Gonar Rogo village near Makyali, Kufana district in Kajuru LGA of Kaduna state killing 18 persons some of who include;
Jonathan Yakubu – 40 years
Sheba Yakubu – 32 years
Their children; Patience – 13 years
Revelation and Rejoice 6 and 4 years respectively.
Kauna Magaji and his daughter Faith Magaji were killed during the attack.
Saraunia Lucky – 25 and her 3 months old baby, bullet passed through mum into her soft skull but the baby miraculously survived.

John Paul 6 years, Paul Bawa 27 years and wife Rahila 25 years were also gruesomely slaughtered while Asanalo Magaji 32 and Yayo Magaji 13, Mailafia Dalhatu 60

Yaro Dalhatu 56 and wife Saratu 45, their grandmother & Blessing Yari 14 all had their lives cut short by the terrorists.

A young boy known as Popular Teacher 17 had his dream of becoming a teacher cut short.

Local authorities disclosed that a military check point is located not too far from the community and yet the terrorists attacked the village for almost two hours with no resistance or intervention from the military.

The villagers also said that their Fulani neighbors, some who have been living around the community for 40 years had all quietly left in the night before the attack.

This means that the information of the attack circulated amongst themselves before the attack.

A mass burial was conducted for the aforementioned persons by one Rev Fr. Nicodemus Benedict from the Catholic church in Idon.

However, President Muhammad Buhari condemned the killings in the name of revenge by the Fulani herdsmen.

He seriously frowned at the attacks and counterattack on the people among Fulani and Addara communities in Kajuru LGA of Kaduna state.

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