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Few days ago, Akwa lbom people and Nigerians were shocked to their marrows over a story that went viral on different social media handles which revealed the criminal antecedents of the former Vice President of Nigerian Bar Association(NBA) Ikeja Branch, Barr. Monday Ubani now better described as erstwhile activist, publicly told the world his romance with former a Senator who lost on his bid to secure his return ticket to the 8th Assembly, Sen. Godswill Akpabio. Its a shocker and It beats my imagination to hear that even those that should be the custodians of truth, these self-styled activists have transmogrified themselves to oracles of falsehood, lies and deceit. They have been dignified as inventors of evil and deceit. It shows how decayed our society and those who in daily basis deceived Nigerians that they are defending their interest on radio and television, and one of such reprobate character is Barr. Ubani, whose name now synonymous with lack of principle, corruption and association with corrupt politicians, his desperation to get rich quickly, standing surtie as a lawyer to a client and transferring client’s property illegally to prevent Efcc from investigation. This is the true face and character of Ubani, a shameless self-style erstwhile activist and the tragedy of a decadent society.

Ubani of recent has been alleged to have boasted that he will use his connections with some renowned Lawyers and judges in Abuja to secure Akpabio’s triumph in the ongoing Tribunal case against his opponent, Sen. Christopher Ekpenyong that we in lkot Ekpene senatorial district voted for as our senator when Akpabio suddenly abandoned us and jumped to his new party without telling us because he thinks that we are his property and he owns us. This useless hungry bread and butter activist we used to watch on television planning to buy judges even when it has become so glaring clear that Akpabio will never return to the 9th National Assembly. Of course, he has to boast in order to put food on his table, having lost trust and integrity based on his involvement in shady deals. He is now depending and subscribing to manipulation to remain in the “business”.

Ubani also promised to incite the public against the Akwa Ibom Resident Electoral Commissioner of INEC, Mike Igini, a man who made it possible for all the Akwa lbom people to see ballot papers for the first time after 1999 that our people see as our liberator from the manipulation of Akpabio and his devious group all these years. Sounds preposterous, or better still, as a fairy tale.

Ubani’s recent reply to a story wherein it was revealed to have been the brain behind a certain doctored audio and video confirmed everything and even more reaveling.

The fake activist boasted and very proud of being a friend to Akpabio, very shameful. He tried fooling himself by laying curses to win sympathy and pity. There’s nothing he can do to wash himself from this mess. We now know him as one of those who have been deceiving Nigerians all these years pretending to be a human rights activists.

I saw him on channels tv few days ago and immediately turned off to another channel. No Nigerian regards him as a genuine activist anymore but a fake , deceitful bread and butter activist out to con Nigerians. Now, it shows how battered his cognitive capacity has been. Ubani is not better than a native doctor with his fake curses he rained in his useless reply. He even cried like a guilty thief, cursing his family and generations unborn. He confirmed what was initially an allegation that he is a lawyer to Akpabio . So why raining curses upon himself? Truth is, Ubani has been unmasked and can no longer deceive and fool Nigerians anymore and can do anything to remain relevant. Ubani’s conscience is already sold to corrupt politicians because of his desperation to make money and not reasoning well.

He actually confirmed he knew and has knowledge of the audio recording, only that he did not “procure” nor “circulate” it himself which is besides the issue. The sins of knowing and doing are basically the same. what is the difference between giving robbers information to rob a person and the actual robbery? No difference. The person with the information is a partner in crime. He plays his part and leaves the rest to those in charge. This is exactly what Ubani did in this case. Nobody said he is a member of media team but that he advised that the audio tape should be put the on social media.
He further confirmed his boastful claim of Akpabio’s victory when he said in his replies ” they know they are going to lose the case at the Tribunal”. This is to say that he is guilty of collecting so much millions of Naira from Akpabio in his claim to be working with judges in Abuja to secure his win at the Tribunal. Why is he so sure when Akpabio himself is not even sure of his victory? Is this not taking paracetamol for another man’s headache? Evidences provided so far shows that he is not going anywhere. Even the presidency knows this which warranted his recent nomination and subsequent screening as a minister. People have failed to read the handwriting on the wall.

Again, Ubani claimed that he has not been paid legal fees apart from transportation and accommodation bills. Is his service to Akpabio pro bono(free) as lawyers call it ? Will Ubani who stood surtie for an alleged corrupt fugitive declared wanted by EFCC for which he was later detained for 30 days represents Akpabio in election matter pro bono ? He loves money more than his life and would do anything for money. As a reminder to the general public, Ubani is just on bail and sooner or later he will be arrested again since the fugitive Olejeme has not reported to Efcc.

Moreover, Ubani has proudly affirmed that Akpabio who has over N108bn corruption charges is his best and bosom friend. What manner of activist is Ubani who is happy to brag about his association with people like Uche Ogar, Godswill Akpabio, individuals whose actions of looting public treasury has caused extreme poverty on Nigerians and so on?

As an Akwa lbomite who had in time past watched this character called Ubani on television, it was difficult to believe what I initially read on social media until I read his useless response on vanguard. Nigeria is finished, l was thinking that Barr. Ubani has at least an iota of integrity not until I read the nonsense he considered as his reply to a factual piece. Crying, quoting of Bible portions and issuing of curses by, I can now say that Ubani is nothing but shameless false activist.

I didn’t expect anything less because Ubani has lost public trust, relevance and significance. But crying will not save his face, Nigerian should note this new deceitful tactics to that Ubani put out to enrich himself.

Imaikop Udosen is political activist and writes in from Ika LGA

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