We did not endorse APC Gov Sule for 2nd term – PDP Nasarawa

Re-PDP Endorsed Nasarawa Governor for Second Term

The attention of the people’s Democratic party-PDP Nasarawa state chapter has been drawn on the forth day of April, 2021.,to a fabricated news spreading both in conventional and social media that, the major opposition party PDP in the state precisely Akwanga Local government branch has endorsed Engr. A. A. Sule for second term. This is not only falsehood but an attempt to distract, divert attention and mislead good citizens away as a cover up from the woefully failed All progressives Congress-APC administrations in the state.

Recalled that, on the 26th day of March, 2021. The APC-led government commissioned a rented, renewed and renovated apartment as an achievement called “Remodel APC state Secretariat”. How can a serious government who is responsible used public resources to embarked on fruitless ventures by renting an apartment as Secretariat amidst numerous challenges such as insecurity, no payment of worker’s arrears, gratuity, pension and salary be endorsed for another term?
The public should disregard the fictitious and so-called news on its entirety.

Emphatically, We wish to make it know to the faithful members of our great party and general public in strongest terms that, we have zero intentions even in our widely dreams to attempt to reinforce failure. Therefore, all and sundry should remain calm and focused because till thy kingdom comes, we shall never inflict hardship on you by endorse a confused APC-led administrations whatsoever. Again, we have not made endorsed or assigned any member or group of individuals to endorsed APC on our behalf (PDP) ,Hence, disregard such unauthorized statements from all quarters.

It is worthy of note that, Egnr.A.A.Sule as an administrator of lifeless products in a factories, have zero knowledge on how governance of human beings all about but ended up exposing himself to the public domain. Infact, instead of him standing up to the expectations of the citizens of Nasarawa state for real state building and capacity development, he is busy planning how to defect to the formidable party-PDP by having all sort of meetings with some members of our great party as way of lobbying. We have since resisted and will continue to resist his tricks plans to create confusion inorder to divert state resources for personal gain.

So also, due to his paucity of knowledge of governance, His failure has caused him to be hiring crowds and receiving unwanted award names from different communities and ethnic nationality. Interestingly, with Sule’s consistent poor record of performance, how can such a person be offer an endorsement for second term in office by a focused people democratic party PDP.

We wish the general public to remain steadfast again and again on PDP as modalities are being worked upon to reclaim our stolen glory come 2023 than endorsing a non performing government sooner than later.

PDP: power to the people.

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