What Segun Adewale Said At Lagos PDP Reconciliation, Peace Meeting.

The leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) met on Wednesday at Raddison Blu hotel in Ikeja Lagos in their bid to find lasting solutions to the crisis rocking the State, a committee led by Chief Ben Obi, Senator Biodun Olujimi and others were sent by the National headquarters to interact with members on a fact finding mission, reconciliation amongst other things.

Members of the State executives, leaders and stakeholders bore our their minds over why the crisis fester for too long in Lagos PDP.

The meeting became charged and got to its high tempo when a prominent figure and a candidate in the 2015 Senatorial election, Otunba Segun Adewale Aeroland stood up to speak, he was very frank in his submission, he told the committee the home truth and told them point blank that the party is going no where except some leaders step aside and allow due process to take place going forward in the party.

We captured him saying the followings:

Adewale said that one of the causes of set back for Lagos PDP is the way Chairman, Candidates and other officers are imposed on the party without consultation with the constitution, he noted the manner at which Dr. Adegbola Dominic was imposed and sacked because he was imposed on members against their wish by Chief Bode George.

He told Ben Obi led committee that Any attempt to bring another chairman without due consideration to the party constitution will also lead to another round of sacking, because era of Impunity has gone forever in Lagos PDP.

In a dramatic way he pointed to the people he called Bode George’s men at the meeting, telling the committee that they are the ones being used to distablize the party and responsible for the two decades of failure of PDP in Lagos State.

Adewale told the committee that winning Lagos State for PDP is not a rocket Science because it has been done on several occasions, that the party can easily win, if the right men are appointed through a genuine State Congress to elect people with professional and political experience with capacity on all fronts and not the usual selection process that takes place at Chief Bode George Ikoyi residence at Lugard.

He task Ben Obi team to conduct independent verification, that it is Lagos PDP leaders that is winnig elections for APC through their betrayer act, affirming that APC is never a popular party in Lagos but some leaders in the party have deliberately held PDP down to the advantage of the APC, the party APC always needs the help of PDP to win or rig elections at the collation centres.

Speaking further, Adewale faulted the dirth of good leadership in Lagos PDP, he said this humongous failure has caused the party not to be able to:

A . Count themselves

B. Count their votes

C. Count or account for election monies , which is always shrouded in mysteries because nobody can account for the Tens of billions received every four years by Lagos PDP supposed leaders.

They don’t care about the victory as a result of the hard work of loyal and committed members but we always see the leaders buying houses in Boudillon, Victoria Island and other highbrow areas home and abroad every four years, their sole interest is to corner election money and nothing more, these failure pattern must stop immediately.

For Lagos PDP to move away from this contraption, there must be genuine leadership, occasioned by desire to win Lagos by serious minded politicians and candidates, it must be through hard work and unprecedented tasky efforts, Adewale concluded.

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