Why Pdp Delegates Should Vote Dr. Obiora Okonkwo

June 19,2021

The primary election to select the flag bearer and the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party-PDP, leading to gubernatorial election in Anambra state 2021 is now by the corner. And as such, different aspirants have come for different purposes; both clean and unclean, seen and unseen.

Some have cross carpeted from other political parties just to boost the vibe and frenzy of the moment. But this is where Dr. Okonkwo is different.

He is a man of integrity, trusted and accessible by party members both the low and high. The grassroots and the people know him. He is the sole supporter of PDP at all levels, whether he is running for elections or not; this makes no difference.

The ward, LGA, and state executives are comfortable today in Anambra State due to the vast magnanimity of Dr Okonkwo. At different fora, Chief Okonkwo had also supported and sponsored party youth activities at PDP national level.

While most others are in the race to first massage their egos and hope eventually to grab the PDP ticket and enter into negotiation table with the incumbent APGA party, and again for them to part with sumptuous loot, also some of the aspirants are known to hobnob and collect money to work against PDP at different elections, but Dr. Okonkwo has kept exemplary records in all spheres of business and politics. For this, the delegates will vote him.

We have come to know all these arising from the results of our research conducted on the viability and validity of the different aspirants in relationship with party loyalty and support, both at present and past.

For example, out of the 16 aspirants vying for the PDP ticket only one aspirant could pass as a party man. And that aspirant is Dr. Obiora Okonkwo, PhD, with all modesty intended.

Some aspirants have come to express their unbridled passions and a carryover fantasy of long-time life overseas, not caring about party structures on ground. They came, though, with genuine mission to fix the lots of Ndi Anambra but lack the enabling party structures to actualize this mission, they hope to depend on already built PDP structures to actualize their various ambitions.
This is not in the character of Dikeora

Some equally have come to showcase their amazonian strength and vigour to conquer, their ability to crisscross between Anambra and Enugu, and to deploy unholy freaks to dominate, flex their network of male folks and to corrupt powers absolutely.

While others have come to simply test their popularity in Anambra politics.

Whatever reason that may have accrued to each aspirant, this is where Dr. Obiora Okonkwo has come to make a difference. Dr. Okonkwo has been a quiet, but big and strong supporter, and the longest party man amongst the aspirants; he has been providing for PDP since 1999.

Dr. Okonkwo has fought and countered those destroying and factionalizing PDP through court cases, and then gradually bringing unity back to PDP in Anambra state.

Dr. Okonkwo is most eminently qualified to govern Anambra state. He has higher academic qualifications, credentials experience, exposure and network to win election and govern the state.

He is a team player and an established man with private sector experience that Anambra people need. Let the PDP family support the decision of the delegates to give it to him. He is the most popular aspirant and the best candidate for PDP.

Chief Okonkwo has cracked the zoning dilemma; he has huge support base from critical sectors, institutions, and groups.

Chief Okonkwo comes from the area of the highest registered voters; Idemili Federal Constituency and Anambra Central Senatorial Zone. This verily demystifies the zoning complication.

Therefore, we appeal to all Anambra PDP delegates, both statutory and non-statutory, to vote Dr Obiora Okonkwo, PhD. His political Agenda is detailed and well aligned to the evolving demand of Ndi Anambra. Let us vote him.

Headline News365 Administrator
For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
Headline News365 Administrator
For a balanced and factual reportage, Headline News365 is your plug.
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