Wike knocks IGP, Falana over harassment of Agboola

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, has called to condemned the action of the Ondo State Commisioner of Police, Mr Salami Bolaji in stopping the movement of the Ondo State Deputy Governor based on his rumoured defection from the APC.

Speaking to the Press at the Rivers State Governmemt House, Governor Wike said it’s unfortunate the country has “deteriorated to the level we don’t know our limits.” In questioning the anti democratic action of the Police Governor Wike asked what business should a Commisioner of Police have with partisan politics.

The Governor also said since the Inspector General of Police removed a Commisioner of Police from Rivers State because of Caverton Helicopters he had called the Inspector General of Police to know what would be done to the partisan Commisioner of Police who stopped the Deputy Governor of Ondo State based on a rumour he wants to defect from the All Progressive Congress. He bemoaned the decline in the Police as he said it’s unfortunate “the police has reduced themselves to where politicians would send them to stop a Deputy Governor from moving out.”

Speaking on the Nigerian Governor’s Forum Governor Wike explained that the inability of the Forum to act in situations like this is a key reason he criticised the forum. He said “when they removed my aides the Governor’s Forum was silent now a Deputy Governor is being harrassed.” “The man has a right of freedom of association and he has immunity.” “We are not Govs forum of APC, we are Governors forum of all the political parties that have Governors. How can a Commisioner of Police stop a Deputy Governor on a purported rumour he is defecting ?.” “I totally condemn it”.

Addressing the silence of certain Human Rights Activists who he said are deceptive in their activism, Governor Wike asked; 
Where are the human rights activists? 
Where are people like Femi Falana?
“Today i call Femi Falana, where are you? Look at the Police stopping a Deputy Governor on the rumour that he is going to defect. Look at what is happening in Ondo State.” 

He said although this is happening close to Falana’s home and concerns his region he wouldn’t speak because the matter is in Ondo State and the Governor of Ondo State is his friend. He said he is not showing concern for Human Rights in Ondo State but when it concerns Rivers State he is quick to speak against actions taken to protect lives of people in the State.

Governor Wike who explained that his statement was not about the individual involved but “if things are continually done like this the country can’t move on.”

He further stated that this is not what is supposed to be as “no one knows where we are heading to in this country, we have different laws for different people. We have different rules for different people.”

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