‘You can’t split northern unity’, Emmanuel Yawe, ACF spokesman, tells middlebelt group

The northern socio-cultural group, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), has said the withdrawal of the North Central Peoples Forum (NCPF) from the ACF would not affect the unity of the North.

The new northern organisation, led by the former Minister of State for Health, Chief Gabriel Adukwu, as Chairman, ex-ACF chairman Jeremiah Oseni and others, pulled out of ACF to fight for the course of Middle Belt.

ACF spokesman Emmanuel Yawe said: “There is no problem over the formation of the North Central People’s Forum and it cannot affect the unity of the North in the contest of Nigeria nation.

“General Jeremaih Useni was the Chairman of ACF in the past. If there is a problem, he has not told us. If he has a problem with ACF, he has not tabled it before the ACF. So, we cannot just assume what is going on in his mind.”

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